Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things Heard

This last week I've either overheard or been told some things that I thought were worth passing on...

Last week at sorting Ace told me that he thought I've become a better rider. More willing to get aggressive without getting rough. (something that some people have trouble doing)
At the jackpot this weekend Brenda told me she thought I couldn't have found a better match than I did with Voodoo. She thought he pushes me but isn't too much for me and that I look good on him too.
Sunday my step dad went riding with me, I rode Voodoo and he rode Applejack. Afterward I heard him telling Pie that he has a real nice horse :)

Now for some funny stuff...
My friend Lanette describing her chihuahua 'guarding' their horse trailer at a rodeo. "Twiggy lunged from under the trailer and grabbed his leg and bit and shook. After he was telling people not to go near that trailer because there was a vicious rat underneath!"
"My butt doesn't have as much padding as it used to" (by someone I rode with that hasn't ridden in a few years)
"Chase DO NOT rope your brother again!!" (said by KQ over the mic as she was announcing the barrel racing)

And I don't know where the heck she got this from but my little niece, Zoe (not quite 10 months) will crawl over to the picture of the snow leopard in the front hall at her house and while sitting looking at it will make a noise like a hissing cat and use her hands like cat claws scratching the air. Too darn cute!! Also if you ask her if she's a puppy she will stick out her tongue and make panting noises. lol


  1. LOL!! Your neice has to be a trip.

    And the brother roping at the rodeo? Holy cow I spit tea out of my nose! LOLOLOL

    Voodoo IS a darn fine horse ;) And so is that mighty handsome Applejack!

    Rubs to the horses from me!

  2. roping his brother - that should be filed under things that you never thought you'd say as a parent...

  3. Isn't it nice when people say good things about us and our horses? I just love that!
    Your niece has me cracking up! So cute!

  4. ROF..LMAO...My mom, dad, grandparents, oh heck...pretty much anyone around was always telling my brother...DO NOT rope your sister again.

    That's awesome that people are really noticing the difference since you got VooDoo. I guess that means I won't get to come to Canada to take him off your hands huh?;)

  5. Such a great post about your horses, your friends and your cute niece. What a bright one she is at 10 months!
    Umm...I think it's time you posted more pics of Applejack and Voodoo, don't you? :)



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