Tuesday, September 29, 2009


While in Halifax last summer my sister, brother and I took daily walks around the city. On one of those walks we came upon St Mary's Basilica. It was a truly beautiful church, with the tallest polished granite spire in North America. As you can see I couldn't fit the whole thing in one photo:

Waaay up there is a cross. On September 7th 1874 the Cross was erected atop the spire... 189 feet above the sidewalk!I forced my brother and sister into touring the church with me. It was beautiful inside and outside but these arches were what really caught my eye and quite possibly were my favourite part of the church:

To learn more about St Mary's Basilica go here


  1. Thanks for the link. What a beautiful Basilica.

  2. How gorgeous!

    Last days of fall - that is funny. We just started and are at 100 degrees F still...

  3. Wonderful! A beautiful church like that is really something to see. Inspiring....

  4. You have an eye for truly beautiful architecture :)


  5. What a lovely old church. I always enjoy photographing buildings of interest like this, churches in particular. There was once a blog called Holy Houses...wonder if she's still got it going?


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