Sunday, September 6, 2009

Looooong Weekend

...and not in the "holiday" style (although it is officially that too). But long in that I have so much going on!
This weekend was our district's finals (aka "Mini Finals") and while it was a blast it was a ton of work. And I didn't win a darn thing :(
BUT my horses did work pretty good, especially for being so out of shape.

Friday I ran back and forth getting the last minute stuff (ie picking up the plaque for Volunteer of the Year) and getting together floats for entries and the concession, getting the added money for payout. Oh yeah, 2 am I was baking cookies (part of my donation to the concession). Dropped the Ford off at the acreage and Pie picked me up and brought me home.
Had lunch and got my own stuff together. Drove my little Chevy back out to the acreage, hooked the Ford up to Kimfer's trailer, loaded tack and horses. Kimfer drove the Ford and I took my Chevy.
Mini finals is a 2 day event. Friday is held indoors in the evening, starts at 7pm normally I'm at work at 5pm.
Helped set up the concession, handed over floats, got both horses ready and warmed up and changed my clothes (it was dress code so western shirt, hat the whole 9 yards).
First run on Applejack we hit first (hard) but had REALLY nice 2nd and 3rd. Voodoo's first run he was slowly approaching the barrel while looking around, and I'm sure he was thinking "what the heck? where are we?" We got to the barrel and he kinda jumped and then was like "oh yeah, turn!" So first was bleh, 2nd was ok and 3rd rocked. Literally, rubbed all around it but at least it stayed up!
Applejack's second run was MUCH better, Voodoo's was better in that he didn't get goofy over running indoors.
I was done and on the run. Untack both horses, help Kimfer load, wash up and change, jump in my Chevy and zip into town and go to work.
Yup, I had to go close the restaurant.
Get up Saturday morning after about 3 1/2 hours sleep. Drive out to the acreage, catch and load horses and off again! This time Kimfer drove the Ford and I rode with her.
Day 2 started at 10 am. Reverse order of the night before and outdoors, in quite a large arena. So we got there and tacked and warmed up horses, changed and it was on.
Voodoo ran into the arena SO darn good :) A little too good actually, by the time we were getting close to the pocket on first he was really cruising. I wasn't sure he'd turn it, I was thinking we'd blow by.
Actually my exact thoughts were "crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap!!!"
However what happened was I grabbed the horn, lifted my inside rein and said "easy" and around we went! Second was ok (that is really our trouble barrel right now) and 3rd felt pretty darn good. He zipped home and it was time to change horses.
Applejack ran nice and hard to first too. Wasn't worried about him blowing by though, I knew he'd turn. We rocked all three barrels but came home a bit crooked so that slowed us down some. Poor little fat guy was sure breathing hard. Hopefully next year they'll both be in better shape! Its kinda funny because he seems SO gosh darn proud of himself when he runs really hard! lol
Second run for both was pretty much the same as the first.
Then while we were setting up for the meeting I bolted down half a burger and it was meeting time.
The district AGM was brief, thank goodness, and then we did door prizes and regular prizes. After that Kimfer & I loaded up and headed home.
At the acreage we unloaded the horses, I jumped in my Chev and zipped home. Had the world's fastest shower - no time to wash hair though so I spritzed some perfume in it to kill some of the smell, changed clothes, a dash of makeup and off to work.
Now that I'm home I've had a proper shower (including extra conditioner to apologize to my hair) and am getting ready for bed. Or at least a nap until I pick Pie up from work and come home for a bit more sleep. Because bright and early tomorrow I'm up to go back to the acreage so we can go for a day of sorting! Thank goodness we just left everything (except the horses) in the trailer these last two nights, the only thing we have to load in the morning is the horses.

Now if this all seems a bit rambly and confusing you'll all have to forgive me, I'm a wee bit tired! lol


  1. I'm glad my long weekend isn't as filled up as yours. Most constructive thing I did yesterday was make a pot of beans. I'll be paying for the inactivity today.

    Good luck on sorting day!

  2. Don't forget to breathe! Sounds like VooDoo is going to be a really good barrel horse for you once he gets solid. Loved the description of Applejack being so proud of himself after running hard.

  3. Sounds like you've had a great weekend and your ponies have really come through for you, too.

    But after reading your account of the weekend, I'm laying here flat out on my bed feeling wiped out exhausted. Whew, girlfriend! How do you do it day in and day out? I could never keep that pace going for more than a day. And then I'd need a few days of R & R just to recuuperate. I admire you! You're Super Woman! I bet Voodoo and Applejack are thinking the exact same thing. lol!


  4. Wow-it sounds like Voodoo is coming along really well for you. That's fantastic.

    I know how worn out you must be. But it sounds like a good worn out.

  5. Love your retelling of your runs - its like I can almost be there too.

    Hope you get some time to recoup this week!


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