Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm not the first

...and I won't be the last to post on this theme today. But I don't care about being unique or original.
Today I care about showing my respect and paying tribute to those who lost their lives on this day 8 years ago.
September 11, 2001 is THE defining moment for my generation. It is the one event that everyone in the western world will remember. It is my generations JFK murder.
I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing.
Heck I remember exactly what I thought and felt as the morning unfolded.

I walked into work, a rare for me morning shift. At the time I was a front desk clerk at a motel. We had a small TV at the desk, ostensibly so we could check out movie functions for guests. But it also had the cable package that all the rooms had so the regular front desk clerk always had it tuned to the morning news.
It was 10 to 9 so the first plane had hit. My thoughts were "How the heck does THAT happen?! That is a horrible accident! Pretty strange too."
My co-worker told me that they (the news anchors) were saying it was an accident, as I thought, but other reporters were saying the plane was hi-jacked.

I went into the kitchen to get my coffee. Of course the news was all over the radio. I listened for a few minutes more and walked back out to the desk. Still thinking what an odd accident that was and feeling horrible for all the people involved. Then, shortly after 9, the TV showed the world that it was indeed no accident when that second plane hit.
I felt sick. I knew that the world as we know it had changed. About a half hour later we heard of the third plane at the Pentagon. Then another half hour later we heard about the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, thought to be heading for the White House or the Capitol.
I started that morning in disbelief over an odd accident. That feeling remained but was joined by shock, by horror, by fear and by anger.
Yes anger. I was (and still am) angry that we live in a world where something like this could happen.
I myself do not directly know anyone that died that day. Or even close family to them. However this event has touched the life of everyone in North America, if not the western world.
I do not agree with everything that has come about because of this. Some things I don't think should have changed have changed. Some things that I think should change have not.
One thing that I do believe is that whether or not you agree with the military events that have followed you should damn well support those men and women that put their lives on the line to protect your rights, freedoms and lives!
That we need to show respect for those who lost their lives that day, and the ones that were left behind to pick up the pieces. Show your respect and support to those who have lost their lives in the days, months and years that followed. Soldiers, rescue and recovery workers, people who lived or worked in the area, reporters, photographers, everyone.
I feel grief whenever I think of that day, not just on the anniversary. But I try to remember to hope.
Hope that there is a better future and that this will never happen again. But for that to be true we have to remember that it did happen.

*photos found using Google Images*


  1. I have the same kind of memory for JFK, 9/11, and 2 shuttle disasters — the kind where you remember where you were, what you were doing, and even what you were thinking. Although I was against military intervention after 9/11, I do agree with your sentiment that we need to support our troops. They are simply doing their jobs, and at a great cost. God bless each and every solder and the ones they left behind.

  2. That is so true, I remember JFK, the shuttles, and 9/11, all like it just happened. I was late going to work on 9/11. I had a dentist's appointment. The hygeniest and I watched in horror as the planes flew into the buildings. Later I watched the towers fall and the radio djs talked about pulling kids out of school and staying home because the whole country might be under attack. I didn't know what to do. It was horrifying!

  3. I agree with everything you said!! We as a country should never bash those that put their lives on the line for our freedoms. I too remember that day, I was driving to work listening to the Bob and Tom show and they announced it. All we did that day was watch the tv and cry.

  4. wow, your post made me cry, i guess, because your morning was almost identical to mine..arriving in the office, having a tv there, feeling so shocked and sharing that with colleagues. that unbelief when it was no accident, that total unbelief, how could this happen.

    and that photo of the lights at ground zero, i posted that on my blog last year. wonderful photo, and now i have been there.


  5. Well done, my friend. I don't want to ever forget that day, no matter how painful or sad it makes me feel. It's not about me after all.

    It's about all those who lost their lives and their loved ones and for all those who still fight to protect our safety and freedom. It would be disrespectful and irresponsible for any of us to forget September 11, 2001.


  6. Well said, Lisa. Thanks for the post, you are absolutely right.

  7. Yes, it was one of those times wherre you remember exactly where you were and what you thought. I just love the two beams of light rising up from Ground Zero. To me that was the most touching tribute to all those lives. I wish they would keep them.

  8. Great post. Seeing those pictures just makes my gut twist. It's still hard to believe that actually happened, that it was real. I can still recall some of the shock and emotions I felt at that time. I was really upset when after a month, some people said, get over it and move on. I mean, how insensitive! People grieve in different ways. Yes, we "move on" eventually, but like you said, we can never forget.

  9. Great post... Our lives all changed. I will never forget my college professor standing in front of our class 2 days later crying as he told us that one of our classmate's Dad was a firefighter who responded to the call and never came home...

    Too this day I cry when I think about it.


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