Monday, December 28, 2009

For his fans...

I've had a few requests for some recent pics of his Highness.
(or more accurately, his shortness lol)
So here are a few random pics. He sure does grow a fuzzy, thick, plush winter coat. Here's Voodoo out in the back pasture, taken October 30, sporting his already thick winter hair:
What a nice, wintery looking picture... really though there is hardly any snow on the ground. Almost all of the "white" in this December 4th pic is hoar frost. It was still pretty mild out, I was wearing a fall jacket, no hat, no gloves.
A few short days later, December 7th, we moved the horses back to the corrals by the barn for winter feeding. The temps dropped quite a bit. I had finally broken out the winter coat, complete with hat and gloves. And the horses were all blanketed. Of course this guy thinks that whenever I'm out there its to dote on him! lol

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all the very best this year -
Health & Happiness!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

*image is not mine, it was found on Google Images*

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Equine Humiliation: (almost) Wordless Wednesday

Sunday December 20, 2009... the day of horsey humiliation.
Isis, Kimfer's mare, "Get this o-f-f!"

Baron, Kimfer's gelding, "Please get this over with!"

Nope not Voodoo... Rainy, his much larger pasture mate.
Strangely Kimfer's dad's horse was the only one who seemed to enjoy the hat...
"Look at me, I am wearing a hat! I look sooo good!"

Applejack "Mom, you've sunk to a new low. They already make fun of my colour, errr... colours"

Voodoo "If you're going to make me look like a clown I'm putting on snow 'lipstick'!"

Cessa "Only cuz I love ya mom, only cuz I love ya"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Must Read!!

I wandered over to Mrs Mom's and read a story that must be shared. Its not a nice, happy, warm holiday story. Instead its a story of abuse and neglect. A mare was attacked by a dog or group of dogs. Her wounds are pretty severe. And her owner, Amber, did nothing.
Instead flyinghorse2 fought to have the horse removed and placed where it could be properly taken care of. Now "Ladybug" (who is almost surely going to have a new name to symbolize her new life) is in the hands of Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue. She is on the road to recovery, be it with one ear instead of two.
**warning, clicking the link to beautyequinerescue will result in graphic photos of the wounds, if you'd rather not see them but would like more info click the flyinghorse2 link**
Money is tight, tighter than usual for some this year. And its Christmas which makes it even harder to come up with extra cash. However if any of you out there can spare some to donate to help with this tough little mare's medical expenses please check out flyinghorse2 and beautyequinerescue

Some parting words for Amber... if you truly cared about your horse and took proper care of her you wouldn't have to leave statements on the rescue's guestbook about how much you miss her and hope to see her again. I sincerely hope that poor mare never has to lay eyes on you again! Also if your other animals are in as poor of condition as is being reported I hope that soon they are re-homed as well.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The General Store

Continuing our tour down the wooden sidewalks of Boomtown we have now reached the General Store. And what a store! Truly 'one stop shopping' with goods of all kinds tucked into every nook and cranny.

What all can you see here? Oil lamps (plain and fancy), china, snow shoes, washboards, clocks...

kettles, candy sold by the piece (bet "penny candy" was actually worth a penny!) All kinds of grocery items - it was pretty neat to see brands that are still around today such as Blue Ribbon, Magic Baking Powder, Nabob and Maxwell House...

Oh look, the storekeeper and a friend are playing a friendly game of checkers. And yet more inventory! Potatoes, corn and other veggies, dolls, cheese, candlesticks, various implements that I really don't know what to call! Bolts of cloth, some "ready made" garments...

And to ring up your purchases there was this rather beautiful cash register

Although I have to say from the operator's side it looks a wee bit intimidating!

Wordless Wednesday

Hoar frost
on pasture grasses

Dec. 4/09

Monday, December 14, 2009

Boomtown - more Harness Shop & the Blacksmith

In the harness shop at Boomtown there were a few saddles. How would you like to be a lady of the frontier days and ride side saddle?
Not surprising that there was quite a bit of harness hanging in the shop. I can only imagine all the time that went into cleaning all that leather before it was put in the display!
The livery was next to the Harness Shop (which was pictured in the previous post) and conveniently located on the other side of the livery was Galston's, the local blacksmith's shop. I cannot imagine how difficult that work was in days of yore. IMO being a farrier is demanding enough work today!

There was a price list posted by a "desk" area near the smithy's door. One side of the list was for wagon and buggy work. A new buggy box, made with old iron, was $10 (extra for using new iron) A new axle would set you back $5. A set of tires started at $1, a single spoke was $0.50.
It was a whopping $0.25 to set a shoe, $0.50 for a new shoe. Interesting, on a stallion it was $1 for a new shoe and $0.75 to set a shoe. And wild broncos were charged "according to meanness"
Galston's being the "general blacksmith" also did work on plows. Sharpening shares to making them. Prices ranged from $0.25 to $5.50.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday in my City... sorta

Came across this video... its one "my city" made to promote itself:

*no surprise here, video is not mine lol. I found this on Youtube*

Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the town...

Monday's are Pie's day off. This past Monday we headed over to Boomtown*
Our first stop was the Harness Shop:
Looks like someone was doing some Christmas shopping! This lovely fellow and his sleigh were waiting outside with some gifts:

Okay I'll confess... Boomtown is a street at the Western Development Museum! Its supposed to recreate the feeling of early settler life here in Saskatchewan.
This is one wall inside the harness shop:

Next to it is the livery:

Which had this beautiful cutter inside:

Stay tuned! I have more pics from the museum to share... but for now I have to bundle up and head off to work.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blankety Goodness

Wow this week has been C-O-L-D! I'm talking anywhere from -20C to -30C... before windchill was added, which often brought the temps into the -40s (for my American friends that is -4F to -22F before the windchill is added)
Sunday it hadn't gotten too cold yet so Ben, Jacquie and I still went penning. As I've mentioned before that is also the day we moved the horses in from the back pasture. When I got back I brought Cessa in to recheck her owie. I left the door open and Applejack wandered in to see what was up.
With all three horses in I decided it was a good time to throw their blankets on. I knew there was a chilly week ahead but was originally going to wait until I came out on Monday. I am SO glad I went ahead and put blankets on Sunday evening because it got very cold overnight.
Monday I took pics of the kids in their winter clothes:

Applejack is modeling last year's Wrangler blanket. It came in a khaki/tan-ish colour with navy. Its a been a tad abused so has some mended spots but overall held up VERY well and is a good blanket. I didn't have any problems with sweat or moisture with this blanket last year.
(Applejack would like to ask that you please ignore the fact that he has gotten a bit tubby and his belly hangs out a bit)

Voodoo modeling his brand new Weatherbeeta. It came with a removable neck piece and is in shades of green. I love these blankets; they are breathable, very water-resistant and have a nice comfy fit.

Cessa modeling her new blanket. And you know what... I can not for the life of me remember what kind it is! It is a gorgeous chocolatey brown with blue and cream lines. The lines are "glow in the dark". It was advertised as water resistant/breathable. Originally it was to be for Voodoo but didn't fit him well, kinda choked up on his neck too much when he went to put his head down. That was okay because it fit Cessa nicely. I like a blanket with a bit more drape on her, the poor old girl doesn't need to waste as many calories staying warm with a blanket that covers down her legs and around her belly!
I feel quite relieved, not only do the horses have a nice big bale of hay, water from an automatic waterer and a shelter but they have good winter clothes to help them deal with this weather :)

Wordless Wednesday

Heading to the water hole
Ty & Voodoo
Dec. 4/09

Monday, December 7, 2009

Here we go again **pics may be considered graphic**

The horses have been moved in from the back pasture. Yay, this means no more worrying about frozen water and how much nutrition is left in the dead fall grass!
They were all being moved on Sunday so when I caught Voodoo to go penning I also caught Cessa and Applejack. Ben & Jacquie pulled up just when I was closing the gate so we put Voodoo in the trailer and Jacquie & I led Cessa and Applejack across. When we let them go in the pasture Jacquie said "Oh no" and I almost knew before I looked. Sure enough Cessa had blood on her hind end... that kick I saw one of the other horses throw when they were coming to the gate had connected.
Cessa followed us to the barn and I let her in so I could take a better look at it. It was pretty similar to the one Voodoo got on his shoulder a few weeks ago, it just looks sooo much worse because of the way blood freezes (and how frickin red it gets when its cold!)
Cessa was walking without favouring her leg, there was no real swelling and she was just a very teeny bit tender. I decided to go penning and stopped at the house to let Mrs F (Kimfer's mom) know about it so that if they noticed anything they could call me. I also called Kimfer and asked her to check on my poor old girl when she came out.
When I got back from penning I brought Cessa and Applejack in so I could put their winter blankets on (dang has it gotten C-O-L-D!) and recheck that leg. She still wasn't favouring it, still no swelling. But now the blood was all clumped and frozen. I held a warm, clean cloth over it and gently peeled off as much of the frozen clumps as I could; which wasn't much. I've decided to keep an eye on it and if it seems that I need to call a vet further into the healing process I will. Its too darn cold to haul Cessa anywhere right now and it doesn't seem like there is much they could do at this point either.
Its frustrating, it seems that every winter she gets hurt. (if you need a reminder see here and here) Thank goodness its hasn't ever been anything TOO serious.
**knock wood**
Hopefully that is the case here too.
For those that are curious here are a couple pics taken today:

*The pink/red stuff at the bottom of the pics is frozen blood, not an actual part of the wound itself.

Mikey's Video Challenge

A short while ago Mikey at Postcards From Arizona issued a video challenge. She wanted us to take a short video of what we're doing during the day at 9am, noon and 3pm.

Well at 9 I'm still asleep, not quite able to take a video.

(before you think I'm lucky for 'sleeping in' remember that I go to bed between 3am and 4am)

Usually around 3 I'm taking a shower to get ready and head to work. Lucky for you I'm not taking a video then either! lol

But noonish almost every day I'm doing something that I can video... so here you go:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pretty cool!

I think its pretty awesome when a horse and its handler have a good bond.
Heck to me its pretty neat that I can loop the lead rope over Voodoo's neck and he'll follow me right over to the trailer, I say "Ok get in" and he pops in. Ok it may not be Stacey Westfall bridleless and bareback reining but still, how many people have to lead their horses in and then still have trouble? lol
But this... this IMO is way cool:

*video is not mine. Found it on Youtube after seeing it in an e-mail*

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gone to the cows

I've really been enjoying penning. So much so that I've signed up for a beginner clinic! It will be on December 19th and on December 20th is the last penning before we break for Christmas/New Years.
The Sunday before last I even placed! My team was 3rd, the first time my jackpot team has placed. (won a whole $4 too! lol)
Then this past Sunday I was pretty proud of my team as well. "Uncle" Ben and Dallas were drawn to be my teammates. We were 'the rookies' and had the fastest time of the whole day! :o
Unfortunately our other run was quite slow so we didn't place. The cow I was trying to cut from the herd kept running in circles and I just couldn't quite get in the right place to cut her off and get her out. I did, eventually. But by then the clock had the advantage. Hopefully that clinic will teach me how to avoid/fix that situation!
Still, fastest time of the whole day... I'm pretty proud!!!
I will also tell my slightly embarrassing story. The one that illustrates just how much of a dork I am:
Dallas, Ben & I were sitting on our horses. I was in the middle on Voodoo (remember he's black) with the boys on either side on their grey (white) horses. I said "Hey look, we're a reverse Oreo" to which Dallas (who is 17) replies "Only you would say something like that!"
I told you I'm a dork!

Wordless Wednesday ~ new trailer!