Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Tried

Really, I did. I was going to have pictures for this post!

Sunday was the final sorting. The second of the two big jackpot sortings, plus the dinner and awards for the series (points were given at all the sortings except the two "big" jackpot sortings).

I had both my camera AND my video camera with me, and Kimfer's parents were coming to watch so surely someone would be able to take some pics and/or video.
Yeah right. It was rainy, cold and miserable. Horses, riders and cattle soaked through.
Kimfer's parents watched the first half and then escaped, errr... left.
I couldn't ask them to be camera people when they were huddled under a horse blanket trying to stay dry!

So no pics, no videos. :( But I have results!
At the JP sortings you ride on 4 teams. You can pick a max of 2 of your partners and the rest are drawn. I picked Kimfer (of course) and Susan. I got drawn with Doug and Dallas.
On the first round Doug & I got all 10 head. Dallas & I DQ'd. Susan & I got 10 and Kimfer & I got 10.
Quite a few people were getting either all 10 or good numbers like 8 or 9. I knew there'd be more blowouts in the second half as people rode harder and pushed more to try to get a better time and all 10 head. Because of this Doug & I decided to safety up and go for a clean round. We got 8 and were clean.
Dallas & I DQ'd again.
Susan & I went the safety up route and got all 10, and with the safe route Kimfer & I got all 10 - girl power! lol
I have to say that second half was getting tough. (The footing held up for the most part. A few people toward the end of the first half complained it was slippery but Kimfer & I were second last and we had no trouble with it.) But man the cattle were getting downright pissy about being moved back and forth in the mud and rain. Made for some, umm... interesting moments. And I was pretty impressed with my little black dude. The few times I've ridden him in mud I've noticed he doesn't seem to like it and Sunday was no exception. He did NOT want to play in that mud. But he worked and he did a fine job. (other than a few bucks)

In the end I didn't win any prizes in the points series. My friend Holly (who, along with Brenda, introduced Kimfer & I to team sorting) won the buckle in the series :)
The jackpot results? How nice of you to ask, Susan & I were 2nd (and won $75 each)

**edit: To truly understand the craptastic-nes of that weather not only was it rainy & cold (about 20C) BUT it was sunny & hot the day before (33C)**


  1. Too bad to hear about the bad weather - that is no fun at all... But congrats on the $75! That is great - look out next season!

  2. Too bad about the weather. It's that time of year again, I suppose.

    Sounds like you had some good runs though. Congrats to you and Kimfer on a 2nd place finishing and Yayyy! for winning some money.

    I bet you are looking forward to next year already!

  3. Sorry to hear about the crappy weather! I know it is no fun to be cold and wet, for us or the horses!
    Congrats on your second place win, and the money!!

  4. You ladies are die-hards, for sure. No fun running around in the freezing cold wetness...and mud. I'm with Voodoo...bucks and all. lol!
    Good for you guys, though. You all did a great job despite the nasty weather. :)


  5. Glad to hear Voodoo is working for you and that despite the weather you were able to get out there and get the job done. Congrats! A hot shower after a day like that must have felt like bliss! :)

  6. Hey, good job on the jackpot 2nd place. That sorting is fun...and definitely harder than it looks. I tried it a few times but I just didn't have the right horse for it.
    Thanks for commenting on my new copper designs... if you really are interested in the cross necklace, it's available in my Etsy shop... the link is on my blog. ;O
    Have a great week.


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