Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Umm, excuse me, WTH did the month go?!

That's what I thought when I noticed the date.  Then I realized that this time next week I'll have run both ponies at their time only's and Provincial Finals will be started! :o
Since its at Prairieland (in Saskatoon) again the boys will be able to spend their nights at home, and so will I.  I'll enjoy sleeping in my own bed and having a real shower but I will miss the camaraderie of camping it out with the girls.
I'm kinda nervous.  I haven't made it to a lot of jackpots this year and have made a few changes with the boys... although going to the right first should help avoid my biggest problem with Voodoo's run last year, the oh so scary "running into the crowd" effect.
(the way the arena is set up at Prairieland the bleachers are on the right hand side 
and right up to the fence, 
which is made of corral panels so its pretty 'open'.  
when you go left first you are pretty much running right AT the crowd for 2nd barrel.  
freaked. Voodoo. OUT.)
Also I haven't been riding as much as I'd like to so the boys aren't in as good of shape as I'd like and I'm not in 'riding shape' either.
This evening I took the quad and mini discer through the arena, man was the ground nice!  Then Kimfer and I rode and did some barrel work.  I only had time to work one horse so I rode Applejack (I rode Voodoo at sorting yesterday).  We only loped the pattern but he went really nice :)
Between work and Greek class tomorrow I won't have time to ride, but I plan to ride the rest of the week.  Plus there's cleaning the truck & trailer, organizing and cleaning tack, getting my wardrobe ready (pretty much the only time I wear my western shirts is at Prov. Finals and District Finals lol), giving the boys a bath and maybe doing some clipping.  Yep it'll be a busy week!
Seeing as I'll be home I hope to find time to do a few posts during finals.  If not there's always Facebook & Twitter :)


  1. time sure does fly! Hope you can get the boys to do some good runs at provincials!

  2. I wish fall would hurry up and get here...:-)))

  3. I sense a little stress in your post! It sounds like you have a lot to do...
    Good luck and have fun!
    I also agree with you.... I looked at the calendar yesterday trying to decide what day it was. Surely, it couldn't be July 25 already?! Wow! Time flies!

  4. I said the same thing - where the hay did July go! It's almost over!
    Hope you have great runs this weekend.

  5. I know...I can't believe we are nearly into August. The weeks have just flown by.

    Good luck at Prov. Finals. Hope you have some good runs.

  6. Wow! Busy, busy, busy. It really does sound like fun though. Once you get there, hopefully.

  7. Well be looking for ya FB - no worries & Good Luck!

  8. Hope I am not too late in wishing you the best of luck...you really are my hero in that you can run barrels and compete in these events. I am sure you will do well!!


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