Monday, November 23, 2009


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Is this thing on???

Sorry I've been MIA. I am okay, no H1N1 or anything like that.

I had intended to put up a post today here and on CLFC but due to "technical difficulties"
stupid computer
I have been unable to get online until now. And now is almost 2:30 am. This is usually a perfectly fine time for me to be up and online but I was up at 9 this morning (guess that's yesterday morning by now) and have to be up early again today.
So if y'all can bear with me for just a teeny bit longer... I will post by later today/tonight.
I do have to add that I have MISSED you guys!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lest We Forget

Today is a very special day. Today is the day that our nation sets aside to pay tribute to, to show respect and to honour those who fought on our behalf. Today is Remembrance Day.
For the last week or so these poppy pins have been seen on many a lapel, shirt, jacket or hat:

Whether or not you agree with war you should respect and honour those willing to fight on your behalf. They are the ones that guarantee your rights and freedoms. It is because of them that you are allowed to share your opinions out loud and for the world to hear.

Remembrance Day ceremonies will be held across the country and the phrases "Never Forget" and "Lest We Forget" will be said many a time. I believe Remembrance Day is important but I also believe that we should hold this feeling in our hearts not just on this one day but throughout the year.

And so to the following I dedicate my thoughts today:

the 619,636 men and women who served in the Canadian forces in World War I

and of those the 66,655 that gave their lives

and the 172, 950 that were wounded

*this from a nation of only 8 million at the time*

the more than one million Canadian men and women that served in World War II

the more than 45,000 of them that gave their lives for our peace and freedom

to those soldiers who have put their lives at risk for us, and others, in many countries such as Cypress, Korea, and the middle East.

to those who are currently in Afghanistan and the 133 who have given their lives there

and to the many more injured and those currently serving.

God Bless you and Thank you.

Last Saturday was the funeral of Lt. Justin Boyes, killed in Afghanistan on October 28th. The funeral was here in my hometown, Saskatoon. A few days after Lt. Boyes was killed Sapper Steven Marshall became the 133rd Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan.

The service and burial were private but the procession allowed members of the public to pay there respect. It was just by chance that my husband and I passed the funeral procession travelling the opposite direction. It moved me to see people lined up on a freeway overpass and on the sides of the road waving our flag.

Lt. Boyes widow has shared with the media her husband's concern that Canada is not supporting its troops.

Recently he told her he was worried that some Canadians are undermining the military's efforts in the ravaged country.
"Justin and I believe in the mission in Afghanistan," she has said.
"One of the things that frustrated him was the lack of support from the Canadian citizens he lived to protect. He said recently, 'we're not losing this war, but if we do, it's because we lost it at home first.'

I may be only one voice but I would like to say I support our military and thank them for what they do. I will honour all of our heroes in my heart, but today I will especially honour the 133 we have lost in Afghanistan.

I've been trying to add video to this post but keep getting an error, so for those of you interested please click Highway of Heroes to visit the YouTube video.

*these images are not my own, they were found with Google Images*

Thursday, November 5, 2009

700 miles

Took a road trip of approximately 700 miles yesterday... left the house around 7:30 in the morning and finally got home around 1 am.
Kimfer's mare, Isis, hasn't been "right" for awhile. Nothing too obviously wrong, just not right. One vet says stifle, someone else says nope. So Kimfer decided to make the big trip to Edmonton and take Isis to see Dr Charles. I was able to take the day off work (amazing!) to be her co-pilot (co-pilot/dj) and equine assistant.
The trip wasn't too bad, other than a few wrong turns due to lack of signage in construction areas. It was at these times that I reminded Kimfer that my job was co-pilot/dj NOT navigator! lol
Charlie is an amazing vet. He used to split his time between his Alberta practice and a practice in the UK. Unlike a lot of vets around here he "limits" himself to horses. I put limits in quotes because it doesn't hurt his practice one bit to provide service exclusively to horses.
Charlie works on everything from a basic backyard pony to elite equine athletes that compete internationally. And what I like best is that he treats those backyard ponies with the same consideration and thoroughness that he would an Olympian.
The good news is that Kimfer's horse will be okay. She was prescribed rest and to start taking a joint supplement. And no, it wasn't her stifle. She has inflammation in her joints. After spending the winter on light riding duty she should be ready to turn and burn in the spring :)

Wordless Wednesday ~ new trailer!