Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cowgirl Camping

Do you all remember waaaay back to the end of July when Kimfer & I went to our barrel racing club's Provincial Finals?
Now do you all remember when I said I'd take pics?
Well I did! Sadly most of them were crap. However the series below DID turn out and I humbly present you with a photo tour of our "camp" in the horse trailer.

Bright and early (5:30ish am) my truck showed up outside of my house pulling Kimfer's dad's trailer with our lovely horses inside! Kimfer's mare, Isis, is loaded in the last stall. Applejack is in the middle stall and the front stall is reserved for "stuff" (ie farm cart, large plastic tubs, etc). The "stuff" is kept from sliding into the horses by the divider which we jerry rig with a plywood extension to the floor. Nothing is getting out of that first stall!
(by the way the basketball hoop is NOT mine. Instead the neighbours prefer to risk bouncing their basketball of our vehicles instead of their own)

Once the horses are settled we set up our own camp. Getting the horses into their homes for the week was easier than normal. We shared an outdoor pen so once the ground crew put in divider panels all we had to do was set up water buckets and hay nets. Easy peasy, just like being in a corral at home!
We've done this enough times that setting up our camp is pretty easy too. After we unload the horses we take apart that divider, unload the "stuff", scrape the poo out of the horse area and spray it down. Then we lay a canvas tarp on the floor and unpack. Here's a view from our bunk through the walk thru door and into the horse area (as you can see there is a small cooler on the right hand side by the bunks):
Hmmm, you want a closer look? Well of course! C'mon in...
Standing midway in the horse area we'll look toward the front, or kitchen if you will. To your left is a plastic shelf with a bar fridge on top. Its stocked with nummy pre-cooked food. Grilled chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers. Also assorted condiments, some salads, cheese and strawberries, carrots, drinks. This was all split between the bar fridge and the cooler in the bunk area.
Oh, and a chocolate bar.
Under the fridge is the microwave (remember all that pre cooked stuff?) and under that are some of the beverages.
To your right you will find the pantry (ahem, plastic shelves) which hold our cereal, plastic cutlery, paper bowls and plates, snacks, etc. There are more beverages stacked beside it, which didn't quite make their way into the pic.
Now we turn around and look at the back half of the horse area, otherwise known as the walk-in closet. We place a wood board across the top to hang our clothes, Kimfer's on the left mine on the right (c'mon that purple shirt & suitcase were clues right! lol) We also put our suitcases with non-hanging clothes (ie socks, undies, etc) and pop up hampers back here. After showers we hang towels over the windows and dividers to dry out.
There is enough room to dress back here, and if you have to eat inside because of rain and the neighbours aren't around (Julie or her parents with their niiiice new camper) then we can sit here too.
In the evening if there is socializing its usually done in the castle, I mean camper, that belongs to Julie's family or outside at our trailer or someone else's (Holly & Brenda were parked across the lane from us and Julie was right next door)
When it was time to sleep, or during the day take a nap, or if we felt like hooking up the portable DVD player we crawled up into our bunks, again Kimfer is on the left and I'm on the right (look Mom, I made my bed every day just like at home! lol) The weather wasn't as hot as it usually is and after the first night I also pulled out my sleeping bag which I unzipped and used as a top layer to my blanket.
So there you go... how to live pretty comfy in a non-LQ horse trailer!


  1. You make your bed when camping ... priceless. I barely toss the covers up on mine on a good day at home.

    Thanks for sharing pix of your home away from home.

  2. You guys have it going on! And you gave me some good ideas too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Boy, you girls really know how to live high on the hog. I enjoyed your cowgirl camping tour. I am an Ozarks farm chick who lives right in the middle of Nowhere,USA on a large working farm we call the Ponderosa. Never, I repeat never have I had a getaway that like this. HeHeeHeeee! Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  4. Very creative use of space. Some good ideas there, thanks!

  5. I love how you utilized every nook and cranny of the trailer! Very good use of the space! Maybe you should go on HGTV and do a show on how to live in a horse trailer!

  6. Hey! I love your trailer! It reminds me of mine. Mine was never supposed to be a LQ trailer either - hence lack of shower. But I really really like yours you guys have done a wonderful job!

  7. I LOL at your "walk-in-closet"... cowgirl style indeed! Hardly camping it rough are you:) It looks like fun! Btw, your house is super cute! Love the front windows.

  8. Love your trailer....I am so envious! It would be great to have living quarters for our camping trips. You are really set up, aren't you?? Looks fabulous!

  9. Wow! This set-up is sweeet! With a port a pottie inside you could live inside there for a week easy!
    This is almost as nice as our little pop-up camper, which as a tiny sink and a dining table. But I think I like your set-up better. There is just something so cowgirl cool about sleeping in a horse trailer! :)



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