Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OH! MY!! GOSH!!!

Its gonna happen. Its really gonna happen!

Today I got the most wonderful phone call from our awesome banker Lana. And it said that we have been approved to make the changes to our mortgage to temporarily cover both properties! We can move to the acreage we wanted to buy and then sell our house in the city!! Which will be so much easier not to mention we don't have to stress over running out of time right away.

**happy dance happy dance happy dance**

The 3 happiest days in my life: getting my 1st horse, marrying Pie and finding out we are getting our place in the country. lol

Seriously though it seems like a long time coming - we've been looking since the spring of '07 :o
And while not "perfect" this place will be pretty darn close to perfect for us. There is just over 70 acres. It is 20-25 minutes from our work.
The house is a teeny bit bigger than the one we're in now and is move in ready. There are a few small things we'd like to change, eventually.
It is set up for horses, including horse friendly fencing. There are pastures, corrals/pens, automatic waterers in the pens, a hay shed, a hay field (30 or so acres of the land is hay field) a shop for Pie (floor is dirt and he wants to change it to cement). OH! A barn! :D

The garage is a 2 car, detached from the house but very close to the house (which isn't a plus or a minus to me) which means that my little Equinox can continue to be in a garage and Pie can finally park his truck (Chevy Silverado) in a garage too lol

More horse stuff - there is a nice outdoor arena, a roundpen and the neighbour has an indoor arena (I can see it from my back door!)

There is a root cellar, a Saskatoon berry orchard (although I don't like them they are a very popular berry). A kennel for the dogs. A nice big yard. LOTS of trees... and it was bald prairie before the original owner planted all of the trees. Good neighbours.

I am freaking out! In a good way of course lol. In just over a month it will be ours :)

I have to say a huge thanks to all of you that were praying for us that our dream would come true. As well as a big thanks to my F-I-L "GK" for helping us out, even though he really would rather we stay in the city. So "Thank You!!"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Stills - Barns

Anyone that reads my blog with any frequency knows that I've been a bit tied up in personal stuff the last little while (I'll be back more regularly soon I promise) But when I saw this Sunday's theme for Sunday Stills I had to participate. The "barn" theme has been used before, however I was not a participant then.

This is the barn where I board, and that is my mare Cessa standing at the fence.
The following two barns are deserted and a bit rough looking. But you just know they must have been quite nice in their newer days

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letting the cat out of the bag

So its time to fess up and tell y'all WHY I've been pretty much MIA lately... Pie and I are trying to sell our house. Yup, we've finally found "the place" and are hoping to be moving out to an acreage in June.
This short time frame means I've been working my behind off getting our house somewhat ship shape. Its amazing how much stuff a person amasses in 8 1/2 years. Doesn't help that hubby loves to shop and hates to get rid of anything! lol
So things have been a bit stressful and free time is severely limited.
Right now I'm praying that the bank okay's refinancing things to cover both properties for a short time so we can move and then sell the city house. With our schedules, and having two large protective pooches, it makes it difficult to show the house to potential buyers while we live here.
Should know by this time next week whether that plan will pan out or not. I sure hope so, I'd hate to lose this property its pretty much "perfect" for us! House is move in ready, there is a shop that needs a bit of work, a barn, corrals, waterers, an outdoor arena and pasture for the ponies.
Fingers are tightly crossed and prayers being said... hopefully I'll have good news to share with you guys soon!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This winter there was an outbreak of strangles at a local boarding facility. It was kind of an ongoing thing... it would seem to be over only to have a new horse break out. Things seem to have finally resolved themselves but Kimfer and I decided to play it safe and vaccinate our horses as a lot of horses involved travel in our barrel racing circle.

We did all 5 a few weeks ago (my 3 and Kimfer's 2, her dad chose not to) and then followed up with the second dose. I chose to do Cessa because she may not travel but I would feel terrible if I brought it home to her. Funny thing, she was the only one that took both doses like a champ... the second time she wasn't even haltered! lol Just stuck the tube in her nose and shot the syringe.

Baron was good the first time but fought it the second time, Isis, Applejack and Voodoo fought both times. And while its frustrating to have to fight with them for something that's for their own health I understand, I wouldn't want a tube shoved in my nose either especially if I couldn't understand why.

I have to say Voodoo was pretty funny. He didn't toss his head around and act like a goof like the other horses. His method of fighting was to raise his upper lip in the Flehmen response. Which may not seem like much of a "fight" until you try to stick a tube in those squished down nostrils!! lol It was frustrating but at the same time funny so Kimfer and I are trying to be stern and get the job done while fighting off giggles.

The second time we did Isis I "twitched" her ear with my hand so it went a bit easier and Kimfer discovered that if we stuck a finger in Applejack's mouth to distract him (not near his teeth, didn't want to get accidentally bit!) he would cooperate a bit.

Next up is deworming, which thankfully is not much drama with my ponies, and then pretty soon we'll be doing our regular vaccinations.

Wordless Wednesday ~ new trailer!