Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pretty cool!

I think its pretty awesome when a horse and its handler have a good bond.
Heck to me its pretty neat that I can loop the lead rope over Voodoo's neck and he'll follow me right over to the trailer, I say "Ok get in" and he pops in. Ok it may not be Stacey Westfall bridleless and bareback reining but still, how many people have to lead their horses in and then still have trouble? lol
But this... this IMO is way cool:

*video is not mine. Found it on Youtube after seeing it in an e-mail*


  1. Too. Flippin. Cool.

    My Cub watched that with me. Know what he said? "Wow... you're gonna have to start teaching my horse that Mom. Sonny would have fun doing that stuff with ME!"

    Imagine that would

    Too cool. Thanks for putting that up CDN-- pretty inspirational!!

  2. beautiful. i like how the horse was careful on that bridge thing that was covered with towels (?), he wasn't rushing through it, but he wasn't nervous. just careful.

    that is so cool, thanks for sharing.


  3. wow, what a great mare! Looked like she was even having fun with it!

  4. That's just like the obstacle courses people do with dogs. I'll bet it took a lot longer to train a horse to do it. Most dogs just don't have the same level of fear that horses do.

  5. Neat!

    Gives me inspiration to build an obstacle course for Megan and Strawberry.

  6. That is pretty cool, reminds me of agility dogs!! Wish I could set up something like that!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. these is great... I wonder how long it took him to do that?

    Horse does look really happy...

    How did you find this?

  8. I love the exuberant buck the horse gives coming out of the tunnel. He looks like he enjoys it.

  9. What fun! And that is something that could be done with a horse that can't be ridden for whatever reason; there are so many ways we can enjoy our equine companions.

  10. I checked out some of the videos at the end of this one; there is one where the horse goes into a horse trailer at liberty, and some of jumping. Way cool!


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