Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the town...

Monday's are Pie's day off. This past Monday we headed over to Boomtown*
Our first stop was the Harness Shop:
Looks like someone was doing some Christmas shopping! This lovely fellow and his sleigh were waiting outside with some gifts:

Okay I'll confess... Boomtown is a street at the Western Development Museum! Its supposed to recreate the feeling of early settler life here in Saskatchewan.
This is one wall inside the harness shop:

Next to it is the livery:

Which had this beautiful cutter inside:

Stay tuned! I have more pics from the museum to share... but for now I have to bundle up and head off to work.


  1. I love the old harnesses. I can smell the old leather just looking at it.

  2. Cool! I love those kinds of places.

    Oh, meant to apologize for mispelling Cessa's name. Sheez!

  3. Interesting museum! I love places like that. One of our neighbors has a gorgeous antique cutter (I used to call it a sleigh. lol!) and they keep it in thier living room, always decorated for the holidays, too. (their living room is huge!)


  4. Looks like a lot of fun! I love those kinds of places. Glad you got to share Pie's day off together.


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