Thursday, December 17, 2009

Must Read!!

I wandered over to Mrs Mom's and read a story that must be shared. Its not a nice, happy, warm holiday story. Instead its a story of abuse and neglect. A mare was attacked by a dog or group of dogs. Her wounds are pretty severe. And her owner, Amber, did nothing.
Instead flyinghorse2 fought to have the horse removed and placed where it could be properly taken care of. Now "Ladybug" (who is almost surely going to have a new name to symbolize her new life) is in the hands of Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue. She is on the road to recovery, be it with one ear instead of two.
**warning, clicking the link to beautyequinerescue will result in graphic photos of the wounds, if you'd rather not see them but would like more info click the flyinghorse2 link**
Money is tight, tighter than usual for some this year. And its Christmas which makes it even harder to come up with extra cash. However if any of you out there can spare some to donate to help with this tough little mare's medical expenses please check out flyinghorse2 and beautyequinerescue

Some parting words for Amber... if you truly cared about your horse and took proper care of her you wouldn't have to leave statements on the rescue's guestbook about how much you miss her and hope to see her again. I sincerely hope that poor mare never has to lay eyes on you again! Also if your other animals are in as poor of condition as is being reported I hope that soon they are re-homed as well.


  1. I read about this at Mrs. Mom and FlyingHorse2, I can't even imagine what this poor horse had to go through.
    I hope that woman gets charged with animal cruelty, it it's a law in that state, and prosecuted to the fullest extent. She should also NEVER be allowed to own another animal again! People like that disgust me, and most of the things I would say, I won't, because it won't be pretty.
    I wish there were more people out there like FlyingHorse2 and all of us, that has compassion for all animals, then this disgusting crap would never have to happen to any innocent animals!!

  2. Ditto Paint Girl (don't mess w/my sister when it comes to animal cruelty! :) I will send prayers that the mare recovers quickly and finds a new home where she is properly cared for.

  3. How horrible! Thanks for spreading the news about this poor mare and what she's had to endure.

    I saw Amber's comment in the guest book...and left my own:

    "I read Lady Bug's tragic story on a blog tonight and stopped by to see her horrific photos and personal story. I cried when I saw the Dr.cutting away her ripped and savaged ear.
    I love to touch and stroke my horse's ears. They are so warm and fuzzy. And to be be on the back of a horse peering between those lovely, expressive ears is a feeling like no other.

    What happened to Lady Bug should have never ever happened. But what is worse is that she had to suffer for so long without any responsible medical care and pain management. A human would never be allowed to go through something like that without assistance....why then should a horse?

    I just want to say there is a special place in heaven for folks like you who rescue horses from horribly neglectful places, and from horrific situation such as poor sweet beautiful Lady Bug had to try and survive in.

    God bless you all for taking such good care of Lady Bug!"


  4. Makes you wonder about some people out there huh CDN?

    Loves to your critters. Extra loves, because they are in a great home.

  5. This is so sad. It's hard for me to actually believe that people can be this asinine. I mean, really. Look at her. How could you NOT get medical attention for injuries like that? I will never understand some people...

  6. I can't imagine!!! My vet bills are always huge but for me that's the downside of owning animals - you chose to have them, therefore you chose to pay to care for them. I'd surrender them to the vet if I couldn't pay for needed treatment.

  7. Thank you Cdn for posting this. Since our offers to help a couple needy families were so rudely rejected this past week, we just donated towards Ladybug's expenses.

    I am so glad my meager funds can go where they'll be appreciated, for the betterment of another creature's life.

  8. Oh, good golly! When God left us in charge, it was not so that we could damage, abuse and neglect what He had created. Poor mare.


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