Monday, December 28, 2009

For his fans...

I've had a few requests for some recent pics of his Highness.
(or more accurately, his shortness lol)
So here are a few random pics. He sure does grow a fuzzy, thick, plush winter coat. Here's Voodoo out in the back pasture, taken October 30, sporting his already thick winter hair:
What a nice, wintery looking picture... really though there is hardly any snow on the ground. Almost all of the "white" in this December 4th pic is hoar frost. It was still pretty mild out, I was wearing a fall jacket, no hat, no gloves.
A few short days later, December 7th, we moved the horses back to the corrals by the barn for winter feeding. The temps dropped quite a bit. I had finally broken out the winter coat, complete with hat and gloves. And the horses were all blanketed. Of course this guy thinks that whenever I'm out there its to dote on him! lol


  1. Such a cute fuzzy boy!! Love the pics!
    I am actually really looking forward to spring and warmer weather, when it stays light later, so I can get more training done with that Mustang of mine!
    Wishing you a wonderful New Years!

  2. I Love that he stays so black, so many black horses turn brown, but he is beautiful! Keep the pics coming.

  3. LOOK at those ears!!! OMG I want to go stick my nose in them and see if they smell as good as they look! LOL...sorry I have a serious fetish for a pair of cute little QH ears:)

    Thanks for the pics. Love how black he is too.

  4. Mr. Fry says they are calling for snow, but the sky is clear and beautiful so far. And Poco tore Scorch's blanket again, so I need to play seamstress. >sigh<

  5. oh, he's so cute...err, I mean handsome! :-)

    He looks like a Canadian horse with that big black winter coat!

  6. Nice! Course, we all know I'm a sucker for a little black horse;0)
    Your boy really does have cute little ears!

  7. I'd dote on him, too. And bury my hands into his plush coat. It looks like black velvet! He's such a good lookin' boy!

    Thanks for the pics of Voodoo!

    Happy New Year to you,

  8. What a beautiful boy! His coat is just gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas.

  9. Velveteen Rabbit- thats what his coat looks like!! LOVE that 2nd pic CDN-- that is beautiful.

    Your header shot is too cool too!!

  10. MM - I FINALLY get a shot of all three of the kids and what is it, their butts. Go figure! lol

  11. He looks like a sweetheart! I love black horses!

  12. Awww...Thanks for the pics. I was starting to miss "my" horse-LOL.

    You know, I'm never going to let that one go right? Hehehehe

  13. Come and see my last post.

    Check Me O.U.T!

  14. Love the frost! It's so pretty. Voodoo is so handsome as well.

  15. Voodoo is welcome to come live at my house! He could be Casey's shorter brother with no markings! Voodoo is so adorable!


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