Monday, December 7, 2009

Here we go again **pics may be considered graphic**

The horses have been moved in from the back pasture. Yay, this means no more worrying about frozen water and how much nutrition is left in the dead fall grass!
They were all being moved on Sunday so when I caught Voodoo to go penning I also caught Cessa and Applejack. Ben & Jacquie pulled up just when I was closing the gate so we put Voodoo in the trailer and Jacquie & I led Cessa and Applejack across. When we let them go in the pasture Jacquie said "Oh no" and I almost knew before I looked. Sure enough Cessa had blood on her hind end... that kick I saw one of the other horses throw when they were coming to the gate had connected.
Cessa followed us to the barn and I let her in so I could take a better look at it. It was pretty similar to the one Voodoo got on his shoulder a few weeks ago, it just looks sooo much worse because of the way blood freezes (and how frickin red it gets when its cold!)
Cessa was walking without favouring her leg, there was no real swelling and she was just a very teeny bit tender. I decided to go penning and stopped at the house to let Mrs F (Kimfer's mom) know about it so that if they noticed anything they could call me. I also called Kimfer and asked her to check on my poor old girl when she came out.
When I got back from penning I brought Cessa and Applejack in so I could put their winter blankets on (dang has it gotten C-O-L-D!) and recheck that leg. She still wasn't favouring it, still no swelling. But now the blood was all clumped and frozen. I held a warm, clean cloth over it and gently peeled off as much of the frozen clumps as I could; which wasn't much. I've decided to keep an eye on it and if it seems that I need to call a vet further into the healing process I will. Its too darn cold to haul Cessa anywhere right now and it doesn't seem like there is much they could do at this point either.
Its frustrating, it seems that every winter she gets hurt. (if you need a reminder see here and here) Thank goodness its hasn't ever been anything TOO serious.
**knock wood**
Hopefully that is the case here too.
For those that are curious here are a couple pics taken today:

*The pink/red stuff at the bottom of the pics is frozen blood, not an actual part of the wound itself.


  1. It almost always looks a lot worse than it actually is — thank goodness. I'm sure she'll be fine. Better it happens in winter than summer so the flies don't get in it. Nothing I hate worse than seeing than that.

  2. It doesn't look too deep, if you have any Schreiner's solution, it'll heal up without even a scar.

  3. Geezus! That looks ugly! Glad it looks worse that it actually is! Cripes!

  4. Always looks so nasty! Bleh! Good luck!

  5. So sorry to see that she got hurt!! It does look pretty icky, but glad to hear that she isn't favoring it!!
    Hope she recovers quickly!

  6. Goodness!!! That DOES look awful!!! Glad to hear it is not as bad as it least she isn't favoring it.

  7. They have great timing don't they? Well, I'm glad it wasn't too bad, anyway.

  8. Oh darn! Poor girl. Yes, thank goodness it's not worse than it is, and that it didn't happen during fly season. Geez! Wrap that girl in bubble wrap. lol!



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