Monday, December 7, 2009

Mikey's Video Challenge

A short while ago Mikey at Postcards From Arizona issued a video challenge. She wanted us to take a short video of what we're doing during the day at 9am, noon and 3pm.

Well at 9 I'm still asleep, not quite able to take a video.

(before you think I'm lucky for 'sleeping in' remember that I go to bed between 3am and 4am)

Usually around 3 I'm taking a shower to get ready and head to work. Lucky for you I'm not taking a video then either! lol

But noonish almost every day I'm doing something that I can video... so here you go:


  1. That's great! I love how they come running over.

  2. That wind sounds cold! Love it when horses come when you call, sure makes life easy.

  3. Beautiful!!! I kept seeing these sparkles, then I realized it's SNOW!! LOL, shows you how much we see that stuff...
    Love the video, love how they all come running :)


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