Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The General Store

Continuing our tour down the wooden sidewalks of Boomtown we have now reached the General Store. And what a store! Truly 'one stop shopping' with goods of all kinds tucked into every nook and cranny.

What all can you see here? Oil lamps (plain and fancy), china, snow shoes, washboards, clocks...

kettles, candy sold by the piece (bet "penny candy" was actually worth a penny!) All kinds of grocery items - it was pretty neat to see brands that are still around today such as Blue Ribbon, Magic Baking Powder, Nabob and Maxwell House...

Oh look, the storekeeper and a friend are playing a friendly game of checkers. And yet more inventory! Potatoes, corn and other veggies, dolls, cheese, candlesticks, various implements that I really don't know what to call! Bolts of cloth, some "ready made" garments...

And to ring up your purchases there was this rather beautiful cash register

Although I have to say from the operator's side it looks a wee bit intimidating!


  1. Hello, just stopping by the general store to say Merry Christmas! Miss hearing from you! Luanne

  2. I think I need to move to Boomtown! One of our museums has done something similar and it's always such fun to visit!

  3. Awesome pics! That is a beautiful register. If I remember correctly you pushed the buttons in and then the cash or charge button in and pulled a lever down and the register rang it up. I don't see the lever on this one though, so it might be different. But the funny thing with these old registers is that you had to add everything up by hand, so you had the final amount to enter and that is what rang up. And if it was charged or the account was paid on, it was still kept in a ledger book.

    And the only reason I even have a remote idea about how it works is because my great-grandfather owned and ran a General Store/Butcher Store and I remember playing with his old register in my grandparent's basement. I don't know what happened to the register after my grandpa passed away, but I still have the ledger books.

  4. Wow, what a cool place to visit! I love that old cash register, although it looks a bit intimidating.


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