Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's this I see?!

 What's that?  Snow?!  Yay it snowed!!  Saturday night we finally got some of the white stuff.  Unfortunately it also brought absolutely FRIGID temperatures with it.
We've been so spoiled with mild temperatures that even our regular seasonal temps would seem really cold.  So instead Mother Nature is blasting us with extra cold temperatures.  I kid you not.  Yesterday the temps were in the -30 to -40 range (with the windchill it was almost -50!).  Keep in mind those are all Celsius.
(so -22 to -40F, windchill -58F)
Tuesday night (very early Wednesday AM) I let the dogs out for their final potty before I went to bed.  I picked Walter up from where he had curled up to sleep, opened the door so Tucker, Comet & Misty could go out, set Walter outside the door where he promptly fell over.
Seriously :o  Poor Walter!  That cold was a bit of a shock... probably extra so because he'd been curled up on the dog bed in front of the pellet stove (yup, I felt bad) 
He got back on his feet, pee'd and came in and tossed me a look that clearly said "what the HELL were you thinking woman!"
I will gladly take the snow, I just think this extreme cold is a little cruel.  To try to take my mind off it I admire the snow and take pictures that amuse me, like this one... I think it looks like Mini Wheats for a giant
**I took this from inside my nice, warm truck**


  1. Well, good to hear that you got some snow, but the -30- -40 (+wind chill) business is not nice! I heard on the news that you guys were getting hit with a massive cold snap. Our coldest so far has only been -25, with a -37 windchill.

  2. We have had snow three times since December 5th! I loved it every single time and even though our last snow fall was supposedly like "10 inches" (which is crazy for West Texas!), I have to say I am OVER it! I am ready for Spring!

    Enjoy your snow!!! Have a blessed day!

  3. We are finally getting snow here too, but much milder temps. Mini wheats for giants- hahaha

  4. Brrr... I don't like those temps, especially with wind. In our house that cold comes right inside!
    I do love your mini... or perhaps 'mega-wheats'!

  5. We got snow too! I am very happy we got some anyways...

  6. I love the snow covered hay! Absolutely looks like mini wheats! But, I used to call shredded wheat "hay bales" when I was little too.

  7. Super cold here too! I am over it and hopefully on Saturday they are saying back to warm temps for a couple weeks.

    I like the mini wheats too, reminds me of a pic a friend painted of bales and her mom said it looked like cinimon buns, lol.


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