Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Stills ~ Light Painting

When I read this week's Sunday Stills challenge my first thought was "yikes!"  Well I played along, not sure how well I did though.
"This weeks challenge is a fun one. Set your camera on a slower shutter speed…….or just turn the flash off on a point and shoot, find some lights and shoot them moving your camera as you do. You can also find some moving lights (traffic for instance) and photograph those (a tripod or setting your camera on something and using a remote or the timer works well for this). You could also have someone (even yourself-using your cameras timer and a slow shutter speed) use a flashlight in the dark. The challenge in this is to play with aperture and shutter speed. Be creative"

 Anyone know what this is?
What about now?
Look almost like the lights are sparks
O' Christmas tree
Street, business, traffic lights
Big rig
Fast car


Wordless Wednesday ~ new trailer!