Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Moose's words

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not, we've taken on a 'boarder' over the winter.  Moose is an Arab X Standardbred gelding and he belongs to our small animal vet Dr L.  He's in a pen with Rootbeer for now.  He wanted to meet you all and tell you about the almost very traumatic day that he almost starved.
So without further ado here is Moose:

Hi everyone, my name is Moose but I see that Cdn already told you that.  I'm staying here for the winter because there's an indoor arena right next door.  Personally I wouldn't mind if I never stepped hoof in there and spent the whole winter in this pen with Rootbeer and the never-ending hay!
Except the other day I thought the hay was ending!!  I thought I was going to staaaarve to death!!  
Then I saw them all coming down to the barnyard and they started the tractor.  I made sure to prance around and flag my tail so they would notice that my our hay was GONE!  It was here last night and earlier this morning but now it was g.o.n.e!!

 Wooohoooo they're getting a bale!!

 Ummm, excuuuuse me!!  What is taking so long!?

Hmmm I wonder how those controls work?  
 Maybe I can squish into the cab and bring that bad boy in here myself?

What the?!?!  Did you see that Rootbeer?!  This is NOT acceptable!
Those COWS got a new bale before I umm we did!!!

That next bale BETTER be coming in here!!!

There ya go... those are the horse bales.  
Pretty sure those other horses have hay.  That's gotta be for us!
Oh thank goodness, Rootbeer we're not going to starve!  
Are you coming to get some little buddy? 
Nom nom nom nom


  1. Very cute! Poor Rootbeer better get busy!

  2. Oh! Love the commentary on the images - our horses do the same thing, and one mare has been known to whinny when we're out riding and even see a tractor. She's positive we've taken her "out" to eat - LOL! :)

  3. Great pics and commentary! :-) Moose looks like a neat guy. Love the idea of an arab x stb...

  4. LOL! They sure figure out that tractor thing pretty quick.

    I've been swarmed by mom's herd before. People think animals would run from a big, old noisy tractor, but NO WAY! That is bringing fooooodd.

  5. It's nice to meet Moose. I'm sure my horses would act the same way... what do I mean 'would'??? They do act that way, every morning! They would love to have 24/7 access to a round bale. But.. then they'd begin to look like the round bale!

  6. Haha my horses start whinniey as soon as they hear the house door open. Sure dont take them long to figure out where food comes from!

  7. "Poor Rootbeer" omigosh no way. He's pretty round, no worries about him missing a meal lol

    It sure is neat how soon they figure things out, when it comes to food at least.
    If the bale is running low in the pen George is in (he's with Applejack & Odin) he WILL let us know when it is out. As soon as he hears sounds from the house he'll start to bray.

  8. LOL, I love that!

  9. Oh poor starving horse! Good thing he got his hay before he wasted away to a mere shadow of his former self!

  10. Moose may be distantly related to Flirt. You know, the whole Arabs influenced the TB breed... Because, I swear she does the same thing at every.single.meal, which for her is 4x a day until her weight gets up.


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