Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Okay camera buffs...

I wanted to do a bit of a side by side comparison of the two cameras I got for Christmas, well more liked stacked on top of each other.
The first test I gave them was night shooting.  I tried to get two shots as similar as possible to compare the cameras.  What better subject than the waning full moon on Friday the 13th?


So what do you guys think?

** edit to add: both cameras were handheld, both settings were the pre-programmed night modes **


  1. There is a colour difference, he s9100 has a slightly warmer tone, (the crates top right)
    The p500 appears to have a sharper image. However, I would have to ask, 1 were the cameras handheld?
    2 same exposure?
    3 had any controls been set prior to shooting, eg white balance?
    If not I would suggest the P500 has it.

  2. Oops I should have mentioned that stuff... will edit the post

  3. The 500 looks much sharper, that's the one I would use :)

  4. I am wondering both camera were handhelds - but were you holding them or using a tri-pod?

    Also were the exposures the same? Or did you have it set so the camera was choosing the settings - on auto?tinkering

    No shame in any of that but it does help me evaluate the cameras, because each shot is a little over exposed to the same degree I was guessing that you were letting the camera pick the settings.

    Quality is the same the moon naturally does have a slightly warm hue to it as shown in S9100. But the difference is probably in your white balance settings - some would make them the same.

    If you weren't using a tri-pod the sharpness could be effected by so much you exhaling... so I wouldn't fault the camera.

  5. Stephanie has reiterated the white balance issue. Yes the moon is slightly O/exp. However, most auto settings, will do that, the full moon, in a clear sky here in the uk, will give a warm hue at horizon level, also a colder hue higher in the sky. One further thing, one of the best guides for photographing the full moon, is in Manual exp: its 125.th sec @ 5.6 F/stop.
    Or any combination thereof.

    Probably, the resulting O/exp: is due to the amount of Black in the shot. The camera is trying to compensate.

    But all the same, its what you see in your "eye". Remember, it is in the eye of the beholder. Good luck


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