Monday, January 30, 2012


Today Pie & I ran errands in the city and then came home to meet the farrier, who beat us to the barn by a couple minutes.  Scott (farrier) was standing looking at Odin and says "Hi, what happened here?"
Not something you ever want to hear...  I got up to Odin's pen and looked at his back leg.  Then I ran back to the house to call the vet.  His back leg is cut open, it looks deep but like it missed anything important, and its too late to stitch.  She said to clean it, wrap it and she'd be out tomorrow.  So for now, this is Odin's fashion statement:
Pie & I walked the whole pen and I can't find blood anywhere nor anything that looks like it could have caused a cut like his.
Fingers crossed & jingles that it's not bad and heals up good.  So far he's putting weight on it and walking, although you can see he's ouchy on it.


  1. Sounds a lot like Rio's injury, only his was deep and ragged. He's almost all healed up now. If Odin had any tendons cut, he'd be dead lame, so it sounds not too serious, only inconvenient. The main thing will be keeping infection out.

  2. What a nuisance, colts always seem to get hurt somehow but at least puting weight on it sounds like its not too serious.


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