Monday, January 16, 2012

Time Out!

My poor little Tucker dog is on a forced R&R, which he's not very thrilled with.  Instead of playtime looking like this at our house:
There's supposed to be no wrestling, no running, no jumping, and he's restricted to hand walking for potty breaks.  Do any of y'all know how hard that is to enforce with a Boston?  Better yet, with two Bostons and one is a pup?!

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, it could have been as simple as slipping on the ice, but Tucker has a back injury right now.  When Pie came home from work Friday night I let the dogs out to greet him, everyone was fine.  But when they all came back in Tucker couldn't make it up the deck stairs.  When I brought him in he would barely walk, and when he did he didn't use his hind legs right.  When he stood he'd kinda hunch his back.  Poor little guy was miserable.  :(

I went to bed, but it was a restless night.  Got up early to call the vet's office.  When I told her what was going on she squeezed him in.
(I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I love our vet, she's awesome!)
He's already doing much better, which is a blessing and a curse... nice to see him on the mend but it makes it SO much harder to keep him quiet & calm!  He is on pain meds so that's part of it but I really think he's on the mend :)

The good part of this R&R?  More pics like these:

Tucker would like to thank his "on-line Aunties" for their well wishes, jingles and Facebook messages :)
Please keep the jingles coming, I want my little guy to make a full recovery :)


  1. Awww, such a cutie. I hope he gets well quickly.

    My little Buddha hurt his back several times during his life. My vet would give him steroids which helped tremendously.

  2. It's so hard to keep an active guy down. We've had to do that with Aussies before - next to impossible!

  3. Poor little fellow! Sounds like he pinched a nerve in his back; what did the vet say? I'm sure your good care will be what he needs for a full recovery. Hopefully, he'll cooperate!

  4. Hi there! My blog is Home On The Range too! :o) You know what they say, great minds think alike!

    Love your Bostons! There is one where I go to the chiropractor named Sophia Loren and she is a hoot! The doc will say Bang! and she flops down on her side! Hard to keep them down when they start feeling good but hopefully all will be mended soon!

  5. Oh gosh, I hate to hear this. I sure hope it's short lived and you can keep him "down" long enough for this to remedy itself. I remember when I took Fred to his very first Dr. visit. It was obvious the Vet was a fan of the larger dogs, not so much for Fred size dogs, and as soon as he saw Fred's crooked tail nubbin the first thing he said to me was that he will probably have back issues and examined his spine for a bit. Well this worried me to the point of... well, it worried me a bunch. Fred hasn't had issues at all, but it's still in the back of my mind, I am going to take him to a new Vet when when it's time for a check up. I'm glad you found a good one.

  6. Poor fella, hope ya have a speedy recovery..:-)

  7. Just breaks your heart when the little guys hurt huh?

    I'm sorry and hope he gets well fast!

  8. aww poor guy, hope he gets better quickly! I never realized Walter was brown before, he is sooo adorable!!

  9. I saw a blip about you taking him to the vet on FB, but didn't get a chance to ask you what happened, so thanks for posting on here.

    What a tough thing to have happen to such an active little guy. He's got the best 'nurse' ever to take care of him though. ;-) Hope he is back to his normal self asap!

    (Don't let Tucker see you do it, but give that adorable new puppy a kiss for me. You guys are killing me with all of these cute, little dogs. I want one very much!)

  10. I hope Tucker recovers quickly!

    When had my Tucker neutered the vet told me to keep him calm and not to let him jump, wrestle, run I looked at her like she was crazy. Keeping a Boston from being a Boston is tough!


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