Tuesday, January 10, 2012

D'oh, a deer!

When I was out shooting pics of the hayfield the other day something caught my eye.  
There were a couple of deer out there.
Then, just after I snapped this shot I took a quick peek at it 
and realized there weren't two deer, 
there were three.
I zoomed in a bit more and shot the two standing on the right.
And that was it.  
Too many little shutter clicks, they were off!
I watched them bound away, 
white tails swaying in the air like show girls.  
Headed for the hills, err, hill.


  1. Gorgeous photos, but I LOVE that last one...all three tails flagging in the same direction. Cool!

  2. Great stuff! I have finally achieved access to my own Blog!

  3. Bonus! I really like the light in these photos.

  4. I always wonder what they think of us. I mean the ones that aren't always think "OMG were gonna get shot - RUN"...

  5. Very cool, deer are fun to shoot...with cameras that is..;-))

  6. Our deer sorta mosey around and are like "Hey! Neighbors!" Mostly, we just find their tracks, EVERYWHERE! Apparently we aren't scary.


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