Thursday, January 12, 2012

The "Help"

Whenever my nieces & nephews come to visit the big draw is getting to see all the animals.  They love to "help" do chores.
On Christmas Eve my sister & her family and my brother & his family were all out at 'The Ranch'.  Pie & I had waited to do chores because we knew the kids would want to help out and see the horses, pony, donkey and cows.
Lucas got right to work...
You know how it is, when you put a round bale out and a piece flakes off.  Well he saw me gathering that up and throwing it to the cows so he ran over to help.  It wasn't long and Zoe was right behind him...
(I just love the 'huge' handfuls they grab lol)

Little Abigail (or Abby-gail as someone calls her) ran over then turned and giggled.  You could almost hear what she wanted to say:
"I can't help, these silly mitts have no thumbs!"
I love this picture so I just had to include it.  I think my bro had no idea that George was sneaking up to check him out.
Don't worry, they didn't get worked to death.  But it is rather pathetic... they were trying desperately to make snow angels with the little patch of snow.
Lucas & Zoe learned that a very important chore is to check the waterers.  Gotta make sure they're working all year round, and in the winter check that there isn't ice in them.
("Its water Auntie!")
And of course the obligatory 'sitting on a bale' shot :)


  1. Very cute help you got there! Farms are the best thing for children. I wish my 3 little nieces would visit. Maybe next summer.

  2. That's so dang cute - if my brother weren't a butt head and if my Hubby wasn't so child phobic, I would love to have my niece and nephew out to our place.

  3. How cute, my nephews are all big now (9 and 12) and helping isnt as much fun as it is work now, but sure was fun when they were little!
    I too like the pic of George sneaking up, so funnt when people are oblivious to the animals like that :)


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