Monday, January 23, 2012

Those carved birds

These ones, from my Sunday Stills post:
They aren't just carved, they're carved by chainsaw.  Pie & I saw this place when we went to visit Uncle R at the cranberry bog.  We had to stop and check it out.  Glad we did too because it was pretty neat.
The carvings all start off like this:
And unless he has a commission for a certain work the chainsaw artist lets the wood speak to him and he goes to work.  Here are some of the pieces that were there:

Pie & I would have liked to get one commissioned, but not enough to pay to ship the darn thing all the way home! lol


  1. Very cool, we have a guy in Tennessee who does cool chainsaw art too..:-)

  2. We watched a competition at the stampede like that, it was really amazing how they come up with that and quick too

  3. Very cool! Those are some amazing hunks of trunks!


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