Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Funny ~ Going buggy

A man goes into a pet shop and asks for 15 cockroaches, 35 termites, 12 wasps and three mice.
"What do you want all them for? asks the storekeeper.
The man replies, "I'm moving out of my apartment tomorrow and my landlord said I had to leave it exactly as I found it."


A man answers a knock at his front door.  Outside is a six foot ladybug which proceeds to head butt him, kick him, and stomp on his head.
The man wakes up in the hospital where he describes his ordeal to the doctor.
"You're the sixth case like this we've had in today," says the doctor.  "There's a nasty bug going around."


  1. Tee hee... thanks for the morning laugh!

  2. excellent, and Im sure I have me that ladybug a few times in my life!

  3. These were both hilarious! I love your Friday Funnies!


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