Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Come tour The Ranch

We jokingly call our place "The Ranch", at 74 acres it doesn't really qualify.  Not to mention the fact that we don't make a living off it or really raise anything, although we DO have the cows now lol

I've told you guys a bit about our place and shown some pictures but today I thought I'd show you a picture of (almost) our whole place.  I took a pic of the aerial photo we have and added some labels (I'm pretty sure you can 'enbiggen' the pic if you click on it, if not let me know)  
In black around the outside I've added directional letters for you guys. (E, W, N, S)
There are a few things not labelled in the pic that I should mention. 
Between the hay field & arena and barn & hay barn are the pens. 
To the East of the pen beside the hay barn is a small pasture then further East of that is the large pasture (which also has the track & Cessa's grave), to the South of the arena is the mid-sized pasture that is also used for parking during horse events (hence all the tracks in it, this pic was taken the day after I hosted a jackpot)
To the North of us is Neighbour Tom and his indoor arena.  If you go across the hayfield there is a gate between his place & ours, handy!
There is a mixture of trees on our place, but in the trees to the South of the driveway is a little Saskatoon berry orchard, pretty popular with those that like the berries.
So there you have it, a closer look at our place... I just won't give you the alarm code to the house & outbuildings ;)


  1. Looks like everything is set up perfectly. Nice that its big enough to host jackpots and grow your own hay!!

  2. 74 acres sure qualifies as a ranch in my book. Having a serious case of land envy :-)

  3. 74 acres is awesome - maybe not the true def. of ranch, but good enough! :-)

    I am totally having property envy too! It's so great that you have a sand arena and some smaller paddocks. Nice to have all that done before you bought it!

  4. Oh man, I want to come ride horses with you! And eat at the restaurant! Someday, someday...

    It looks great, Lisa! I showed Nan and Dan this morning, too :)

  5. Looks like a well laid out place. I can see why you bought it!

  6. Like Shirley said, well laid out. I like that a lot. Your place is a dream for the horse lover. And you can call it a ranch. We have our 2 acre place and town folks always call it a ranch, which makes me lol.
    I like yours better. If you ever want to trade... lol

  7. @Mikey - how about we trade from January to March? lol

  8. @Amanda thx for sharing it with them :) And you know you're welcome to come stay whenever you can (with or without Sandy & Dad)

  9. A big part of why we bought this place is how its planned. Other big reasons are its close to work (about 30 minutes, depending on traffic) and it didn't need a lot of work.

    Believe it or not around here we're "just acreage people". Acreages range from 10-80 acres for people that just want to keep their horses at home or run a few cattle. Anyone that actually farms or ranches has AT LEAST 100 acres.

  10. You can totally call it a ranch. It's way more of a "ranch" than the 5 acre lots yuppies are scooping up in Montana - I swear for the sole purpose of creating an overhead driveway sign so they can label their pretend "ranch" with no horses or cattle, just a big "monument to one's self" house.

    I think its beautiful!

  11. I think it qualifies as a Ranchette. Whatever people call it, it's a nice property.

    I noticed that all the trees look planted because they seem to be perfectly spaced in rows. Do you have any naturally growing trees on your property or is the area mostly barren and wide open, like our southwestern deserts?


  12. @LOR almost every tree on our property was planted. There is a bit of "bush" in the back pasture (the largest one, to the East) Most places in this area range from bushy trees (Aspen) to bare prairie. I have friends that live N/NW of us and 1 has 40 acres that's almost all Aspen bush and the other is about 50/50. There's pros & cons to both.

  13. (drool!!!!)...Now I am even more jealous of your gorgeous place.

  14. Oh! I am jealous of the usability of your place! And the fact it was planned out so nicely to begin with! It will take a lot of time to get mine there eventually. *sigh*


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