Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Cabin (a bit late)

A while ago...
(okay, so it was in October
I promised to show you guys a bit more of the cabin Pie & I stayed at on vacation.  It's not anything super fancy, but it's cozy & quaint and I LOVE that place and I'm so grateful that Uncle D & Auntie S let us stay there :)

Here's a view of the cabin from the front, nice porch with a swing and barbeque, fire pit out front.
But before you even get to the cabin
you have to take the highway,
then a blacktop highway,
then a quiet little paved road, 
then find the turnoff and follow the secluded little lake road
yep, that's the road
This is the corner of the living room, to the left of that chair are the two little bedrooms and a small bathroom.  The kitchen & eating area are opposite the living room (That leather couch faces them)
While we were there it was chilly at night so we fired up the wood stove (thanks again Uncle D for making sure there was ample firewood!)
 Auntie S is very artistic and her art is everywhere at the cabin. Those two paintings below are her's.
I love the little details, like the wood floors, rough and rugged...
And the maple leafs on everything from the shutters to the deck railing

More art :)
Outside there was the hammock (yes I used it)  You can see more art hanging by it
evidence of art on the paint splashed rocks
I loved walking around outside and finding little surprises like this
Even the birdhouses were painted & pretty
And of course the views were divine!  I love Auntie & Uncle's cabin, it is truly a special place built of love :)


  1. Love the floor and the hammock!

  2. Whenever life used to get hectic I would fantasize about a place just like this!

  3. You know, I wasn't going to say anything like "I thought you were going to share more about that cabin" but I sure wanted to. It is so perfect! Even the road getting there is neat. I love the wood flooring too. Such a fantastic place to spend some "down time". Thanks so much for sharing. Auntie is very talented! What more could a person want? Just lovely. If I recall correctly, Tucker didn't get to go there, I bet he would've had a blast.


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