Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dream Horse

Well it seems that sometime in the future, near or distant, I'll be horse shopping again. THIS time I'm going to try to lead with my head...

So in that line of thought here are my wishes and needs for that next horse:

*sound (body and mind!)
*good ground manners
*well broke and decently trained*
*min. 15 HH, prefer 15.1 - 15.3
*age 5 - 12 yrs.
*loads/hauls well
*easy to catch, good with feet, clips, bathes
*ties (you'd think this would be a given but...)
*prefer a nicely bred, papered mare but would consider the right gelding
*speaking of papers, for my purposes AQHA, APHA, or ApHC (ole Applejack has got me to liking Appaloosas!)
*a do anything horse - I want to barrel race, trail ride, team sort, possibly team pen and rope.**
*not too 'hot' but not a 'deadhead'
*good looking***

*Yes there is a difference between broke and trained!
**No I don't rope, but I do want to try to learn. Somehow I don't think a horse that's not rope broke would like me smacking him in the head with the, er... ummm, I mean, the rope whizzing past him to solidly catch that calf! lol
***Yes I know, "pretty is as pretty does" and all that. But most people don't want an ugly horse. Except one guy I had heard of that rodeos. He swore his ugly horses worked harder because they knew he wasn't keeping them because they were pretty! But seriously, I like a nice looking horse.

Okay, that's my rough list for now. Probably will be added to/changed before I find that horse.


  1. Remember that pretty is also in the eye of the beholder. My Possum I think is quite ugly (though I've seen uglier) But many people like his puke colored coloring and pink eyes and mottled muzzle are just darling. I always wanted the tall leggy bay that was fast and smart and athletic. Instead I got a downhill, stubborn, ugly appy. But I wouldn't trade him for anything. He came into my life as just the right time for a reason and we've really developed into a team. Sometimes we're so focused on what we want that we forget to see what is right in front of us. Possum has taught me so much and I feel like I was able to make a positive note to his life. Good luck in the horse search and you'll just know when you see that horse that it's for you.

  2. How far will you travel to buy? (Hours from home?)

  3. There are definitely a lot of horses out there that would fit your requirements.

    It's too bad that the "good mind" thing is not always as obvious as the rest of the horse.

    Good luck, and have fun shopping :)

  4. sidetracked: I've finally had some time to check out your blog and I have to say that I think Possum NOT ugly! Although I got a BIG laugh from this part of your description here "puke colored coloring". :o

  5. Melanie AND AOHCM: Depending on price and what is possible I'm willig to travel. I'm not exactly located in "horse central".

  6. I had this horse in my favorites. Bad pic but video looks much better. I dont know barrels (video on youtube) but I know reining and watched video of this mare turning around and stopping in the bridle and can say that she has a nice handle.

    Pritchard is right by Kamloops, BC.

  7. AOHCM: That's too funny, that mare also got my attention! Only thing I can say is that she is quite thick necked.
    Also on the negatives, she's only 5 and competed in reining for 3 years. Which means they were competing with her as a 2 yr old. That doesn't usually bode well for long term soundness IMO.

  8. LOL- that is too funny. I actually inquired on this mare off of a reining video I saw on youtube before she was on dreamhorse back in May. They were asking $10,000 for her at that time. I too would worry if she had been reining that whole time but I question how much she was actually reined on being here in BC (I suspect she has not been shown much.)

    Here are some links to some sites I use (in order of favorites) (agdirect)

  9. CDN & AOAHCM-
    I always worry about young horses that are dead broke and have been ridden since they were two as well. Does that mean they started training as a two year old, or that they were well on their way as a two year old...scary!!

    Do the two of you live near each other? I am just asking because I know where Kamloops, BC is. Maybe in my spare time, I will look for some prospects for you :)

  10. Sorry to answer for you on your blog but...

    Melanie- Cndcowgirl and I both live in western Canada but I live in BC and Cnd lives in SK. (like the distance between Western Washington state and Eastern Montana.)

    I live about 3 hours from Kamloops. I have read good science based articles that support both early training (as a two year old which actually creates stronger bones) and later training (which has less wear and tear.) Most QHs I know are started in the spring of their two year old year. IMHO it comes down to how hard they were used and how quickly they were pushed.

  11. I have nothing against starting a 2 year old. What I don't like is when a horse that young is pushed too hard. Usually if they're competing they're being pushed.

  12. That looks like a pretty good list and it looks like everything is in the correct spot on the list - if you know what I mean.

    I love and hate horse shopping all at once.

    It always seems like its you verses the seller. You gotta find out what they are hiding, you gotta ask the right questions, and closely examine the way they are answered.

    But I like seeing what's out there on the market! And as Squirrel girl has demonstrated there is nothing like the excitement and joy of a new horse.

    You know my trainer's wife and child are really into barrel racing, roping and JR. Rodeo - you are in BC right? That's not too far...or are you somewhere else? I could ask and see if they have heard of anything or have anything. What is your price range?

  13. Steph: I've never thought of looking on youtube. Is there a way to search that doesn't give you 50 thousand possibilities?

    I'm is Saskatchewan, AOHCM is in BC. But thanks for the offer. :)

  14. Oh, I'd be willing to travel within a day from home. Work kinda restricts how much free time I have to go look.

  15. Great list sweetie...I need to catch up on your posts...I feel like I am so behind on everyone's life!

    Have a GREAT weekend, smooches from the Hill Country!

  16. Great list - I hope you can find something that works for you. I agree with Steph - searching for a new horse is kind of a love/hate thing. You have to analyze the ads, see if the people are being honest, check out bloodlines (just in case...), etc. etc. Not to mention the driving and potential disappointment or potential elation. I find it a bit like a rollercoaster - lots of ups and downs.

  17. May I also suggest you check out the group of Appy people who have helped me? The forum is called The Happy Appy, and they are a Yahoo group. I have personally seen and drooled over some of their horses. Nice people.

  18. Sounds like a good practical wish list.

    I hear ya on the pretty-ness, too.

    When I went out looking for horses my mind was set on a buckskin, because that was what I was msot attracted to. But mostly, as a beginnner I just wanted a broke and well trained, calm horse with a good mind.

    And then I kind of gave up because buckskins were impossible to find and out of my price range. Seems cowboys grab 'em up quicker than they do calfs!

    Then the place I was taking lessons, on a paint horse, offered my lesson horse to me. SHe was more than I had wanted to pay, but I felt comfortable with her and she fit most of my criteria.
    And even though she isn't my buckskin, she is nice to look at! hehe

    Good luck finding your 'dream' horse! :)



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