Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sooo, I was thinking

*let me apologize in advance if this is rambly and has lots of errors, I'm just going to blurt out stuff and post it... heh heh "bravery"*

Its getting to be fall, and soon winter. The time of year a lot of us start to, umm, plump up. Not too long after that is the time when many of us start to take resolve and try to slim down.
This year I am hoping to skip the plumping up part, as I'm more than plump enough, and get a head start on the slim down phase.
However I'm the kind of person that needs moral support, encouragement, camaraderie.
Here is where you come in. I plan to (re)launch my other blog "Cowboys Love Fat Calves". This time I'm going to bite the bullet (suck it up Buttercup) and make it public.
I'm wondering if any of you would like to join me and co-blog??? There is no quota for how often, no "rules" about what and no expectations to completely bare your soul. You write when you want, give out how much info about yourself that you want and share what you find helpful or motivating. Whether it is exercise tips, food advice, inspiring stories, pitfalls to avoid, etc etc.
I know there are at least a few like-minded individuals out there, some of you who are feeling trapped inside the wrong body. Some who feel their chair is shrinking. Some that may not be "fat" but could use the power of blogger friends to help them tone up, or avoid the "f" word!
I really would like at least a couple of co-bloggers. If that's not your thing I understand. For those of you that are interested please leave a comment or e-mail me.
To everyone else - CLFC will be going public by next Monday. Feel free to read and comment. But please remember it will be a place for encouragement so Negative Nelly's can just keep their opinions to themselves.

ohmygosh I can't believe I'm doing this :o


  1. You know, since moving to CO, I just don't walk as much as I used to nor do all of the physical work I'm used to. I've not gained any weight yet, but I'm starting to feel "spongy". The women on my mom's side of the family have the dreaded "saddlebags" and I fear they are coming my way.
    I'm up for a little motivation to get out and take an energetic walk(I don't run-LOL) on a more regular basis.

    Sshhhh-Don't let this get back to My Honey, but I need to get him motivated too. He has put on a lot of weight and it is really affecting his breathing at night. Maybe if I get out and walk he will walk with me like he used to?

  2. This sounds like a good idea. I was just thinking as of late that I really need to get back on the wagon as my pants seem to be shrinking....I'm the kind of person that needs the moral support and also accountability, so if I join this blog that sounds like killing two birds with one stone. Count me in

  3. ROFL...I finally get what calves and who's fat...bwaahaahaa... Ahem. City Boys love 'em, too! Okay, you can count me in! I have a love hate relationship with my scale. I love to hate it.

  4. Oh...you know, that didn't sound right...not that you're fat, but wives in general. Sheesh...I'll just put my fingers away now so they don't have access to a keyboard...

  5. GREAT idea!! And perfect timing too! My Mom just finished the Wild Rose Cleanse and dropped 10 pounds...which got me thinking that I could stand to do the same thing. I was worried about this coming winter and how to keep myself motivated....I tend to put on a few too. And I got a laptop now so my computer chair is no longer shrinking...either that or I've just avoided sitting in it. Hmmm... *smile*

  6. I'm glad you are re-launching it. I used to check on it from time to time, but didn't see any updates, so I stopped visiting. My co-authors at http://healthyasahorse.blogspot.com/ stopped posting after a while too, probably because there wasn't much encouragement or benefit. I've tried to keep it up. Coming into winter is the perfect time to concentrate on staying on top of our health.

  7. Wow Buttercup! You're going for the full monty with this bravery thingie. You go girl!

    I, too am feeling the stretch of tighter clothing and the extra weight on my hips is causing pain with my hip displasia. I was doing so good when I was in physical therapy for my knee, but now that the insurance has stopped and therefore the PT, the inactivity has caused the weight to plop back on.

    I do most of my computer stuff from my bed with my laptop. I'm sure that's not helping my weight and especially not my posture either.

    What a great idea to share your encouraging health and weight-loss blog (I love the name, too).

    I'm one of Nuz Muz's co-authors over at her Healthy as a Horse blog and I'm ashamed to admit that I've not pulled my own.....er....ummmm..weight over there by posting, so I won't ask to be a co-author of your blog for fear of....er....um...weighing y'all down. lol!

    But I do promise to check in every so often and give my support and share my own health/weight struggles so we can work together to slim down our fatty calves this winter :)


  8. Well, you already know my answer...

    I'm in - a nice little network of positive motivation will be good for all of us!

  9. Absolutely! Count me in too!

  10. Sounds good to me, as well. I'm really dreading getting snowed in with no activity and no one to harass when I'm crabby!

  11. I'm in!! But I tried to e-mail you thru the link in the post and it would not work (??). I will try again.

  12. YOU GO GIRL!!

    I'll do what I can to help out!!

  13. I love the idea. I need support! I'm finally motivated to get fit, by my desire to ride again. And my fat lazy gelding needs to get fit, too. I need to lose before I get on him; 20 lbs down, @100 to go.

    BECG, where are you in CO? I'm in the NE, near Greeley. Maybe we can get together? Or look for each other at barrel races?

    Snow... bleah.


  14. hndlver-I'm on the other side of the mountains from you, in Grand Junction.

    Sorry-would have contacted you privately if I could have. But you can contact me if you want-my PM is on the profile of my blog.

  15. Great idea! I have also put on the pounds recently and am having trouble getting/staying motivated to stick with a program. Sounds like fun!

  16. I wouldn't mind joining in occasionally, either. :)

  17. Would love to join you as well. I tried to email you but for whatever reason the link is not working. My email is sandydenarski@gmail.com. I am relatively new to blogging so I am trying to figure this all out.


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