Thursday, October 8, 2009

Its heeeere

Snow. blegh

Our first snow of the winter. It started as a few flakes. But then it stuck. Yuck.

Thank goodness these are pics from last winter! If we had gotten this much snow for our first snow... yikes.

But it is a glimpse of what we get to look forward to. *sigh* Along with less riding time. Shaggy, hard to cool out horses. Icy roads and stupid drivers who are now also more dangerous. I just loooove winter. lol
Actually I do kinda like it. I like having 4 seasons. I just don't like it when its really cold, couldn't it just stop at -20? Anything colder than that just seems excessive.

This pic was taken when I got home from work tonight, around 11:30 pm. The road is a bit icy, there is just a light layer of snow clinging to the grass.
I'm still hoping it all melts and we don't get any "real" snow, the stuff that lasts all winter, for a few more weeks. After all I'm waiting for the farrier to come out to take shoes off!
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  1. My goodness, that's a lot of snow! And you say it's not a 'real' snow? Hmmmm, here's wishing you many more safe drives in that!

  2. Holy crap- that white sh*t already???

    Stay warm and smooch those fuzzy horses from me!

  3. You had me worried with the first photo, thought that was how much you had now! Not Good!
    We got a couple of flakes last night when a really strong wind blew in, but I reckon it'll be gone soon.
    Good luck with your new blog.

  4. wow we don't get any of that stuff down here. If on the off chance that we do, it melts in a hour. We have to drive 5 hours to Ruiodoso NM to see it. LOL

  5. I miss snowy Halloweens instead of having rainy ones. I miss "termination dust" on the Chugiak Mountain Range, signaling the end of the short fall season and the imminent arrival of snow. I miss shoveling off my porch and shoveling out the driveway (and the calorie burn that goes with it). I miss the silence that blankets a city when snow falls.

    But, I do not miss the first week of crazy drivers and accidents. I don't miss walking on ice so clear and polished that it looks like a sheet of glass. I don't miss falling and busting my butt at least once a season. I surely don't miss sliding through intersections when a light turns red and you can't get the traction to stop. And I don't miss how nose hairs freeze when it's 10 degrees outside or colder. It's not a pleasant feeling!

  6. Brrrr! I'm glad your first snow was rather light and not like those first photos.
    Stay warm!


  7. -20? You're joking about that being the lower limit of your comfort level, right? I think mine hovers right around 60! Although I was just grumbling yesterday about a heat index of 104 in October. Somehow, I don't think I'd last long in your neck of the woods.

  8. Oh, that awful white stuff! I actually don't mind a little bit here and there, but I don't ever want to see the 2 feet we got last year, that stuck around for weeks! We don't typically get that much snow. Usually only a couple inches from time to time.
    Hope it warms up for you!

  9. You can have my share of snow. I like to look at it and maybe even visit, but I'll take my ambiguous Texas seasons.

  10. yup.. looks just like us'ns here in Montana... Summer, what summer, fall, what fall?

    time warp yet again:)

  11. Really glad that's LAST winter! We had our first white stuff Friday night, and although it didn't stick, they're now saying 4-6" by tomorrow. Brrr!!! It's too darn early for winter!

  12. Holy snowflake! I can't believe it. We've had such a good fall, so summer-like, I think I'm in denial that winter is almost here! :)

  13. We haven't gotten any snow yet here in Northwest Indiana, but it will be coming soon!! I actually like winter riding....

  14. OMG! Please don't send it this way! Yikes!


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