Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I went and tried something new with my little buddy Voodoo on Sunday - Team penning.
Its something I've never been too interested in, I had kinda tried it once before but wasn't really interested. Then this fall it was like 'the perfect storm' was created to make me reconsider.
I had spent the last two summers team sorting (when not barrel racing) and so had met a great bunch of people. (besides my friends Brenda, Holly & Ace). Also it doesn't look like there will be much for winter barrel racing. Then, the kicker, penning was moved to a new locale. And with it a new day. Its no longer on Friday nights - which I have to work - but Sunday afternoons! And then even better, Pie's day off got changed from Sundays to Mondays. So I could go check out penning without having to feel bad for spending the majority of our day off together doing something without him!
I still wasn't sure if it was my thing but I wanted to give it a shot. Kimfer had NO interest in going so I called Auntie Jac & Uncle Ben (actually Kimfer's aunt & uncle but they've been kind enough to 'adopt' me lol). I knew Ben was interested in checking it out and thought maybe they'd let me follow them as I wasn't too sure where I needed to go. Turns out they said Voodoo & I could just catch a ride with them. Sweet!
Sunday B & J pulled into the yard, we threw my gear in and loaded up Voodoo and off we went. It was kinda rainy but fairly nice out (oh yeah, the snow is all melted for now!) and in less than an hour we pulled up to Claypool's arena. When I entered I paid the non-member fee and told them that I was new at this. They said no problem, when we draw teams just let your teammates know and they'll show you the ropes.
Everyone got put on a team and each team got three goes before the break. After the break the teams were redrawn and again every team went three times. I was fortunate enough to have Fred, a very patient man and a good penner, and Erin, the club president a fun lady and also a good penner & teacher, on my first team.
Fred, Erin and I were the 4th team up and we penned all our cattle just as nice as could be! Time limit was 90 seconds and I believe we did it in 58. I was just amazed that we did it. I didn't screw up! lol Sadly the next two turns we penned zero.
My second team was with Uncle Ben and Norbert. Poor Norbert, stuck with the two rookies! lol Thank goodness he was patient and a good sport. Our first go we dq'd but the last two we penned all our cattle under the time limit.
While I didn't place at all that day I had a blast! So much so that during the break I went to the office and bought a membership. Penning runs every Sunday until about the end of April... I probably won't make it to all of them as there is some barrel racing and I'm sure weather will put a damper on travel for some of the time. But it looks like I've found something to do with my horses this winter! lol


  1. Sounds like fun!! How is Voodoo at it? I think we need new pictures of that boy!

  2. Yeah, you didn't mention what Voodoo thought of it.

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! I tried this at time or two, years ago and loved it. Had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun nonetheless. Photos please!!!!

  4. OhMyGosh!! I got to try penning about..umm... oh geeze.... 15 years ago? It Was A Blast!! I loved it!! Glad you had such a great time and that things are going to work out so you can go often.

    Ride for me there! ;)

  5. That's great! Team Penning is what Kachina and I are being trained for. Can't wait to compete.

    I hope you have a lot of fun with the sport!

  6. That is so cool! Sounds really fun to do something like that - I agree with the others - we need some photos of you and Voodoo! :-)

    Glad you have some options for the winter - 99% of people here don't haul anywhere in the winter - just too risky and insurance is too high!

  7. For the curious out there - Voodoo loved it. Just like at sorting as soon as he notices the cows he perks right up. lol

  8. Somehow I just knew even before I saw you typed it that you had bought a membership. How cool is that?! That's is so great that this literally just worked out perfectly. And you've been adopted by team roper friends, too. Yay!

    I agree....more photos of Voodoo are in order. How is that handsome fella doing?


  9. That is so cool that you signed up for team penning this winter!! I have never done it, but it is one more thing I'd love to try. Maybe with that Mustang of mine!! LOL!
    I bet you will have so much fun.

  10. I would say, the the beautiful Mr. Voodoo is working out nicely. So much for confidence issues anymore right? Gone, Poof!

    I'm probably the only one of your readers that isn't a fan of Team Penning. But that is my "ranch" background, not the sport itself. I done it a few times and do enjoy it-but it causes me anxt because we would never handle cattle like that on the ranch. However, that my friend is only a personal anxt and not a reflection on Team Penners in general. So have fun and hopefully someone will get some pictures of you and Voodoo kicking butt.:)


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