Monday, October 26, 2009

Meant to do this sooner!

Some of you may recall (or perhaps not) that last year I flew out to Halifax because my dad was having a kidney transplant. I was talking to him today (he's doing great) and I realized I hadn't shared some stuff that I was meaning to. So without further delay...

My dad (on left) and Uncle David. We were just leaving the hotel to walk over to the hospital. (yes it was that close) The last pic where everyone has all of their original parts:

looking happy but nervous
The staff in Halifax were terrific. Really until Pie was hospitalized this summer I haven't had too great of a review to give our local medical community, so I was totally blown away by how wonderful they were! Unfortunately dad did suffer a rather strange side effect after the kidney transplant:
did someone confuse the transplant area with labour & delivery??
Actually that is a proud grandpa with his first grandson, my sis's little guy Lucas. (about 2 1/2 months here).
Dad and Uncle D did great. Both were released much sooner than expected and dad even went back to work earlier than estimated, although with a few changes. Its about time the old man started to slow down! lol
Since we started with the 'before' pic we should end with an 'after'. Here they are again, with a bit of parts scrambling! ;)

"now remember to take good care of my kidney big brother!"


  1. I am so glad to hear that your dad is doing so well. And your uncle.
    Love that last picture of them together!!

  2. Go Dad!!! Glad that both Dad and Uncle are doing so well post op CDN. That pic of your Dad w/ your nephew is toooo cute!! And you sure can tell that the guys are brothers!

    Here's to a very long time of shared bits!!

  3. I cant imagine how odd it must be to know that your kidney is in another person's body... I was going to put "an organ" but realized that could be taken wrong:)

    That picture of your dad and his grandson is sooo cute.

  4. I've wondered a few times how everything turned out. Kept forgetting to ask because I figured no news is Good News!

    I still think it is awesome that it all worked out so smoothly. And super glad your dad and uncle are doing well.

  5. The last picture there is great. So happy to hear they are both doing well. A transplant would be a scary thing....thank heavens everything is going so well.

  6. Great news! They definitely do look like brothers. Glad to hear that everyone recovered so well.

  7. Aww, the photo of your Dad with your nephew is so precious! I'm glad that both your Dad and Uncle came through healthy and strong. What a blessing. I'm sure you are relieved.
    Hugs for you!

    Give Dad a hug from me, too.



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