Sunday, October 25, 2009


Nope not the Halloween kind either. Just a bunch of stuff to say "boo, bah-humbug" to.
What a week. Wednesday I slipped at work and my back has been a pain ever since. Didn't ride because of it but that's probably for the best as I noticed that today it feels much better. (thank goodness!)
Penning got cancelled this week, because of sick cows. That makes 2 of the last 3 pennings. And honestly I don't think they were feeling 100% last week. (then again I know next to nothing about cows)
Then I watched this documentary called "The Most Hated Family In America". You can access a YouTube clip of the documentary by clicking but caution there is strong language. If you even have to wonder why I say this family deserves a huge "Boo!" then we probably wouldn't get along so much in real life. Its nothing new to have an extreme religious group that is anti-gay but the tangents this family goes off on about the military really ticked me off, I mean seriously - picketing the funerals of soldiers?!
Not such a bad week though, I'm sure there are people who are worse off.
Oh, and for those of you that requested new pics I tried. Voodoo did not feel like modeling however. Instead he was being a pouty baby because (gasp) I was giving other horses some attention too!! lol
A sort of funny story: Kimfer works at a dairy and had 2 really bad days at work in a row. (Wed & Thurs) Thursday night she came into the restaurant for supper and said "I'm so mad at cows that I'm going to eat one... I'm ordering steak tonight!" lol


  1. LMAO... (re: Kimfer's comment) too funny. I feel the same way about goat...only their meat isnt as tasty.

  2. LOL @ Kimfer!

    Don't you just hate it when the critters decide to be big, pouty babies and not cooperate? Usually Casey is wanting to cuddle and cling so I can't get a good shot of him. And Maddie keeps showing me her butt when I go to take a photo lately. And Luna, well, she just won't hold still! And, and, and...

    You have my symapthies with the ccirtters!

  3. Kimfer's comment made me giggle. :D

    Sorry to hear that you fell and your back's been hurting. I hope you're feeling better soon.

    Oh...and ANY photos of Voodoo are good. Pouty horse faces are adorable!


  4. Holy. Crap.

    I couldn't watch the entire clip of that video. OK- lets see them try to picket a funeral of someone who laid down their life so that these... people.... (for lack of a better word right now) can protest.

    I have no words...

    As to Kimfer though!! That giggle came at the perfect time!! And I'm right there with her--- sign me up for some BEEF, baby! ;)

  5. Sorry it wasn't the best week, but at least you got a giggle out of Kimfer! Hope it gets a bit better.

  6. Hope your back's feeling better! And tell Kimfer I'm with him on the steak comment everytime we work cattle - LOL!


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