Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where we are now

So it turns out that Pie had pneumonia. (has pneumonia??) That combined with his uncontrolled blood sugar led to major problems.
He is on his second course of anti-biotics. We've also updated his diabetes pills (metformin & glyburide sp?) and his doses of the diabetes pills.
It turns out that for some reason he had stopped taking them for awhile. When he finally started again the pills were quite old and probably not working so great.
Combine that with a BIG appetite, not monitoring his sugar and stress from work, then adding in chronic infections (ie pneumonia) and you have very bad blood sugar.
We've had a long talk about various things, including portion control. Pie usually ate pretty 'healthy' foods but not in proper amounts especially for a diabetic. He is trying harder to eat more balanced portions and smaller meals instead of a couple big meals.
He is also taking his pills and checking his blood, but I do need to check in and remind him.

In other news... Mr Tim called with a couple horses for me to see so if the weather co-operates I'm heading out to his place tomorrow or Friday before work to do some test riding! :)
No other horsey news, I still haven't had time to ride my own (and yes I'm feeling pretty guilty!)
Oh, there is one bit of very bad horse news... thank goodness its not my own. There was a jackpot last night and I'm VERY glad I didn't get to go. One of the first girls to make a run had her horse die. It just collapsed at 3rd barrel. Not sure what was the cause, there are (of course) a few theories about what it may have been. Most of the girls pulled out of the jackpot, and I have to say I don't blame them even though the horse dieing had nothing to do with the jackpot (ie ground, weather, etc).
So my big condolences go out to K. That must've been horrible, I feel so bad for her she is a very nice girl and really takes good care of her horses.


  1. Pie, darn it, eat better and get healthy QUICK!!!

    Wow- scary thought about the horse at the race....

    Have fun horse shopping CDN!!!


  2. I'm still praying for Pie. Lord knows reining in a healthy appetite isn't easy in the best of circumstances.

    So weird and tragic about the horse collapsing.

    Have fun horse shopping -- take pix of the ones you don't buy, too!

  3. Glad to hear that Pie found some answers and hope that he will adjust to the diet thing over time and start feeling better. Poor guy!

    Really sorry to hear about that horse. There is a lady I know of who rides this old old gelding at drill/grand entry and we all swear one day he is just going to have a heart attack.

    Good luck with the horses! Please let us know how it goes!

  4. Pneumonia! Oh I am so sorry Pie! I had that last December for the first time ever! I was miserable, had to make a trip to the emergency room, and missed over a week of work. I am sure being a diabetic does not help! Please eat better and take care of yourself!!
    Yeah! Horse shopping! Would love to see pictures! Hope all goes well.
    Sorry to hear about that horse dying. Terrible, especially around the 3rd barrel, I couldn't even imagine!

  5. Oh no! So sorry to hear about the horse. How awful for the owner, too.

    Poor Pie. Get better quick...and take better care of yourself, bug guy!
    My man is the same way, not focusing on his health too much. What's wrong with these guys?
    Must be they think they're tougher and less breakable than they really are.
    I have to admit, that sure is a rude awakening when you finally have to face that fact.

    Sorry you're having to worry and deal with all of that. But now you've got horses to check out and ride. How fun!


  6. It has to be a relief to finally have a diagnosis and a plan of how to get Pie to feeling better!

    Wow-thats crazy about the horse. I hope the girl was alright. That had to have been a scary ride for her-not fun having a horse collapse out from underneath you. I saw that happen once and hope I never have that happen to me.

    Good luck with the horse hunting! At least it will be fun getting to try out different horses.;)

  7. My husband is like yours; not willing to do anything about his health unless it becomes a crisis. Hopefully Pie will recover soon; it can take a while to get over pneumonia.
    Congrats on winning 2nd in sorting the other day!
    Since I've been AWOL for a while, I'm not sure, but did you find a place to buy yet?

  8. Geezus! I'd be screamin' at him! He could have killed himself! Seriously. Just wondering what his HbgA1C was? I'm a controlled diabetic, I know. Scary! I have to remind my husabnd daily to take his heart/cholesterol pills. I take mine twice a day and never miss them for 13 years now. Oh, I'd be pissed. Anyway, hope he gets better soon. And stay on him, Men!

    Cripes! It just collapsed at the barrel? OMG! I hope they do an autopsy on it. Too sad!

  9. More jingles for Pie! Pneumonia can be nasty, esp if it's one of the more uncommon types. Always best to have a culture run before starting the antibiotics. I learned that the hard way a couple years ago. No fun! Pie has my sympathies.

    Have fun pony shopping!

  10. I am glad that you guys finally were able to get a diagnosis, and I hope that Pie has swift and uneventful recovery. :)

    That is just terrible about that horse. The poor rider!!!

    PS-Yes, scotch broom causes hell for a lot of people and their allergies. Not me though! I am just allergic to!!! ;)

  11. Hope Pie is feeling better. Diabetes is tough because you have to say no to yourself so many times each day - my husband has it and he suffers from his love of pasta and rice and bread...all so carby. Hope the young rider was not injured in that awful event.

  12. Pnumonia!! I hope he starts to recover is awful when a horse is sick...
    That is just so bizarre about the horse collapsing at the barrel race. Scary...sort of like that pilot dying at the controls of the plane.

  13. Ugh! Pneumonia is just awful I have had that before - yuck. I'm sorry he's so sick.

    And I'm so sorry about that gal's horse! How sad.

    Hope Pie improves - kuddos to you for being so involved. I know it's not always easy - men all think they can handle everything themselves without help....


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