Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cows and Counts

Let's start with the counts. In just under 8 hours we should have the results of the TB test. At this point the doctors and nurses aren't really thinking its TB but have done the test to be sure. They are thinking the 'thing' on his lung in the x-ray is most likely an abscess or major infection of some sort.
Today he was looking much better... his blood sugar is coming down. Its hovering between 10 and a high 14, still not 'normal' by any means but MUCH better than the 25 it was when he was admitted!
I visited him for just over an hour this morning before I went to sorting. I wanted to stay with him but he insisted I go so I could get some fresh air, take my mind off things and figure out a name for that darn horse (for now to be referred to as LBH - little black horse). Oh and so I'd have something to talk about (am I that boring!? lol)

Sorting was fun. I brought both horses just in case LBH wasn't working too well. Applejack ended up staying tied to the trailer all day :)
LBH hasn't sorted before but he started to catch on. He just isn't too patient standing guard at the gate, he'd rather get in there and chase the cows. Not that he was an absolute super star at that but he definitely wants to please his rider and once he figures something out he gets pretty game. One of my teammates was Conner. His regular horse was hurt so he was riding an Arab mare that his family owns (Conner is about 14-15ish). His little brother used the mare last year but she has basically just sat out in the pasture since then. Also Conner is a better rider and more competitive. So when his horse wouldn't stand up to the cows and we got DQ'd we asked for a little extra time in the pen and Conner said "Do you mind just throwing some cows at me?"
Well!!! Once LBH figured out that we were staying in with the cows and cutting and chasing them to the gate he was on fire! That little sucker has some moves, I can see him being really fun after getting some experience :)
A neat thing happened. While we were waiting for one of our turns one of the old 'cowboys' rode up. Here's the basic conversation -
OC: Nice horse there.
ME: Thanks, he's not doing too bad.
OC: He for sale? How much do you want?
ME: (laugh) Well I've only had him a week so no he's not for sale.
OC: Well when you decide to sell him keep me in mind!
Its always flattering when someone likes your horse enough to buy him so I thought it was kinda neat. He even came up to me later and asked if whoever I bought LBH from had more like him.

After sorting wrapped up and we got the horses back home I washed up real quick and went back to the hospital. My mom was visiting Pie, which made him really happy. While I was there my father-in-law called me and told me to come pick something up at the restaurant. (our restaurant is about 4 blocks from this hospital) I quickly went and came back, with a bunch of pizzas for all the ER staff. I told them they were from Pie & his dad. Needless to say they were all pretty happy.
Mom left shortly after I came back. I told Pie the stories from sorting and that LBH still doesn't have a name. lol I was there for about 3 or 4 hours. He was looking really good, very animated, good colour, great spirits. Suddenly he started coughing. And coughing. And bringing up really gross phlegm.
He got depressed by that, he felt like he was back at square one. The nurse and I were reassuring him that it was a good thing. That he was getting all that junk out of his system.
He coughed for about an hour before they finally gave him something that got it under control. Coughing out that stuff is good but he needed a rest.
I took that time to come home, let the dogs out and feed them, shower and eat. I'm going back to the hospital for a bit in a few minutes.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow the TB test is still negative. Then Pie can be moved out of the isolation room in the ER and we don't have to don the gown/mask/gloves combo to visit him!! He's looking forward to a real room and a TV, poor guy isn't a reader and is getting very bored.


  1. Thank you for the update on Pie! Sounds like he is showing improvement. I hope he doesn't have TB! I'll continue to send good thoughts your way!!
    Sounds like you enjoyed your day on LBH! I bet the after the next few sortings, he'll be a pro!
    I love it when people comment on our horses, it makes me feel good. I bet you were tickled pink about that guy wanting to buy your LBH!

  2. I will continue to pray for Pie's complete and speedy recovery.

  3. *IF* I remember right (and this might not be quite right- so check w/ a nurse or someone there,) if Pie has not shown a reaction to the TB test spot by bow, he shouldn't have to worry about it.

    Man that sorting sounds fun. LBH sounds like a Dynmo there!!

    Prayers still going for Pie!! ;)

  4. Tell Pie we are all praying for his recovery, good thing you took him to the hospital!
    Sounds like you are really going to have fun on your new horse, LBH might just be a Mighty Mouse soon!

  5. Jingles for Pie! Your blog is the only one on my list that I dont think updates! So annoying...I always miss your posts! Guys hate being sick and HATE being in the hospital...I feel so bad for your man! It is great that his blood sugar is coming down and at least being in the hospital means that he gets priority for tests and not having to wait for results as long.

    *hugs* to you and yours.


  6. Please tell Pie were all thinking of him and pulling for him to get better quickly! Can't he have a computer in his room to watch movies at least? Or a little Play Station handheld game?
    Poor bored guy! I know how he feels for sure. :P
    What a fabulous idea to give the nursing staff pizzas. Now they will take extra good care of Pie. hehe!

    Sounds like LBH is working out better than expected! How awesome! That is so cool about the olod cowboy coveting LBH for his own, too. You two are going to rock it together!


  7. So glad to hear that Pie is doing better. I can't imagine coughing for an hour-no matter how good it is that he is getting stuff out. I bet he was tired.

    How very nice of Pie's dad to send the pizzas over. I'm sure it's not often that the staff gets such a wonderful treat.

    Better be careful or LBH will stick as the new horse's name-LOL. How awesome that other people notice him, but of course you did tell that old cowboy that he will have to get in line? I already called dibs on him!! LMAO!;)

    Megan always gets compliments on her horses and people trying to buy them off of her. Yesterday, one of the guys at the horse show followed her over to the trailer and said "If that blue horse disappears-it's okay, he's in my trailer." Of course, Megan and I laughed, but I told him that the blue horse only fits in one trailer and that is MINE. It's nice to get compliments on your horses-especially when you raise them. Too bad for one ever compliments Moon. He is a horse that "blends" least until he runs barrels. It never fails to make me giggle when I come out of the arena and you can just see the expression on people's faces. They are desperately trying to remember actually seeing him before his run. It's the Jedi "Moon" Trick!;)

  8. HI thanks so much for following my blog.I am not sure who Pie is but I will definately send up prayers for his recovery,Sherri

  9. Prayers are going out your way for Pie....hopefully it is not TB, and the infection in the lung can be cleared up....Take care, and we will all send out positive, healing vibes for your family....

  10. Maybe H1N1? Wouldn't be too bad for someone in otherwise good health...


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