Sunday, June 7, 2009


Just a kinda hodge-podge to catch up on stuff.

First off all Pie is sick. He's been phlegmy and coughing. Poor guy, when he gets this way it hits him hard and takes forever for him to get over (I think its because he's diabetic but that's just a guess) This time its been particularly rough. He hurt muscles in his back due to his coughing, the doctor gave him pain killers and muscle relaxers. He also gave him an antibiotic, for a lung infection? (sorry, bad wife I'm not too certain. Pie isn't the best at remembering the details and passing them along)

Then he started to complain about intense pain in his ribs. I told him that he probably just bruised his ribs from coughing. Or maybe cracked them. He was like "just?!" until I reminded him that I've done the same in the past, and I held myself back from reminding him that he didn't seem to think it was too big a deal then. lol But he went to the doctor and yup, bruised ribs.

Funny how men are such babies about their pain but expect us to suck it up. Now don't get the wrong impression, he's not mean or heartless. I think he just didn't realize quite HOW painful it is until he got to experience it himself. And not to sound heartless myself but I was getting quite tired of hearing all day, every day about HOW sick he is. Finally I just told him that he needs to stop concentrating so much on being sick and to think to himself that he's getting better. He needs to put out some positive energy and thoughts about being well.

Of course between shuttling Pie back and forth to the doctor, work and my Greek class all my riding plans keep getting shoved to the back burner. :( Well today (Sunday)I was going to ride come hell or high water. (sorry Mrs Mom!)

I did manage to ride but, yippy skippy, I'm still recovering from my own bout of illness. To keep it short and sweet, and sorry but kinda gross -- don't read this if you don't want to read about gross -- Thursday I felt off all day. (heh heh, isn't that a horse person for you 'felt off' lol) and by Thursday night I was puking. Which is not normal for me. It started before I went to bed but continued throughout the night. I would wake up from a deep sleep wondering what had woken me and then realize and bolt for the bathroom. Every time I sicked up it was very violent and harsh, enough so that my throat got raw and I started to spit up blood too. My whole body ached from the strain of it. My eyes were all bloodshot and they had turned green (my eye colour tends to change) so my eyes were all bright red and green (too bad it wasn't Christmas time.) And Saturday I actually noticed small bruises on my eyelids from the force of it. :o

But moving right along... today Kimfer and I worked the horses on the barrels. We took the time to actually mark out a pattern and set up the timers (which we only have because Kimfer is one of the provincial directors for our district) The times weren't spectacular but Applejack was consistent and I discovered the most amazing thing, if I actually RIDE the whole time it goes sooo much better! lol
And, BECG can relate to this, having a good ground person can make such a difference. Kimfer pointed out that I look down a LOT, mostly when I'm actually going around the barrel as opposed to the running between and home. I should know better, its a nasty old habit I had on Cessa. And although it did effect my times on her it really effects both the time and how well Applejack turns his barrels. So my mental soundtrack now plays "Look UP and ahead Lisa!!" as I run the pattern.

The ponies got turned out on pasture Friday evening and seem very very happy to be there. I've noticed Cessa has started to fill out a bit over the last week or two, having Rainy and Ty separated makes for a happier herd. Her bite marks are healing and her coat is nice and shiny, the old gal was kinda scrawny and scruffy this spring but now is lookin' pretty good. :)

And I guess I have to address my lack of pics lately. I've umm, well... misplaced my battery charger. I'm REALLY hoping Miss Klepto Kitty (aka Lola) stole it and hid it under the bed. Seeing as tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and its my day off I'm going to clean up and (hopefully) find it!

And in answer to Steph's question, Holly's horse's name is "Two by Two" but I'm not exactly sure how its spelled. I think how I usually see it on entries is "Two X 2" He can be a bit hot sometimes and the normal joke is to smack him with a 2x4. (but Ace and Holly aren't 'those' kind of horse people to do such a thing.)

The horse search is still on. Funny how when you're NOT looking everyone approaches you and tells you they've got THE perfect horse for you. But not so much when you're actually looking. Hmm.

And the acreage search is still on, but I'll leave that for another day because its extremely frustrating and I'm very P.O.'d with the realtor.
So instead of talking about that and getting all cranky I'll leave you with an amusing thought I had last weekend while brushing a VERY dirty Applejack:
You know your Appy is REALLY dirty when you realize that spot of mud you've been trying to brush off IS a SPOT. NOT mud. A spot. lol


  1. Roans hide the dirt so well ;-)

  2. Oh no kidding on the dirty appy. I've done that to Rusty about 10x this spring!

    Hope Pie is feeling better - I think I would rather be sick than have the hubby sick b/c of the whining! lol

    Hope you get to ride more soon as your schedule lightens up!

  3. Oh-the looking down. I have struggled with that too. It's hard not too.
    I tell ya, I have so much work to do on Moon and the weather is just not cooperating. It turned cold and rainy on Friday night and looks to stay that way all this week. There is a horse show this next week and I am really hoping to get a run in on Moon, but if I can't get him tuned up, won't take the chance of letting him make a really poor run.

    I hope Pie gets to feeling better-both for his sake and yours.;)

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better. That's a lot of updates!

  5. Leah & Laura - Applejack is a varnish roan, usually he's not THAT dirty but my oh my that particular day it was BAD!! lol

    Laura & BECG - I'm starting to hope he feels better more for my sake lol

    BECG - the rain held off until I got the horses put away yesterday. But all last night it poured. Which is good because we need rain but now its too muddy to ride. Couldn't it have rained during my work week instead of my day off? I really wanted to ride today!

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  7. Yikes! I don't think I've ever puked so hard that I made my eyelids bruise! Glad you're better now, and got a chance to ride...riding does help when riding:-) I always forgot to "ride" my dressage tests and of course the scores showed...oh well. It's maddening looking back on it.
    Poor Pie, hope he feels better soon, but you're right about men being babies!

  8. Out Damn Spot! Out I say!!


    Poor Pie AND you. When you guys get sick, you do it full on! I've never been sick enough to bruise (or break!) ribs or eyelids. gah!
    Must be awful!
    I sure do hope everyone is feeling better soon at your place.


  9. Wow -- Lots of info in that post!! Appropriately titled! Yes, it is funny how guys can be when they are under the weather. I have similar experiences with my husband. But your vomiting episode concerned me....if it was so bad there was blood and bruising, you should have gone to the ER!! Hope you are over it!

  10. I've actually broken a rib by coughing so bad, when I had bronchitis. Severely painful! And yes, you are right, men are babies when it comes to sickness!
    Hope you both are feeling better soon!

  11. Yuck! Sorry you were so sick. I hate that stomach flu stuff. Been a few years since I had it so I hope I continue to be lucky.

    Two by two - ahhhh ok I get it!

    Hope both of you get to feeling better!


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