Sunday, June 21, 2009

Went to see a man about a horse...

So Thursday I was able to go out to Mr Tim's and check out those horses he had told me about on the phone. He told me he was pretty sure the mare wasn't for me, that I'd prefer the gelding. And I was bad, I was about 15 minutes from home when I realized my camera (with charged battery!!) was on the kitchen counter, so sorry no pics of horse shopping day. :(
When I got there the gelding was saddled up in the corral. He was small but fairly sturdy, about 15HH was my guess. I very much doubted he was any bigger than that. Nice looking but other than being black not too much that would turn your head. Not ugly, just a little scruffy. Maybe he'd be nicer looking in shape?
So Mr Tim tells me what he knows of this horse and hops on and puts him through his paces a bit. Purebred Quarter Horse gelding, but no papers. (not a big deal with a gelding for me, I don't see bred shows in my future lol) The former owner showed him open and 4H but has moved on to bigger and better things, she wants to pursue reining in a big way so has bought a big money reining horse. But this guy is b-r-o-k-e . He's done a bit of almost everything and has a ton of money spent on him with reining training. But not that 'rush rush get a young horse ready for futurity' type of training. MT took him and sorted cow calf pairs, once he caught on to what was wanted MT says he really got into it.
While MT is telling me all this he's walk/trot/loping on a loose rein. Nice stops, turns on forehand, spins. I should mention that the sand flies were really bad and the horses in the adjoining corrals/pasture were running, bucking, tossing heads, basically flipping out and this guy just stood there flicking his tail with the occasional small head toss.
I get on, everything is feeling good. MT brings out the Appy mare. Nice but there's just something about her that doesn't feel 'right'. So we ride over to the arena. MT on the mare, me on the gelding (which is in itself pretty funny because MT is NOT a mare fan and I am)
I ride around some more, take a tour through the barrels. OK so he's not going to be a rodeo or 1D horse. I'm looking for something to jackpot on (and 2D would be fine with me for now), team sort, trail ride and most importantly to get my confidence back on.
I've been watching MT ride the mare and I'm still just not into her, so when he asks if I want to try her I say:
"No, I think we should check how my saddle fits this guy and then put them up, go in the house and do some paperwork."

That's right, I bought a gelding! :o

Mr Tim had to show me more though, he took the saddle & pad off, took the bridle off and just had a leather rein around the horse's neck. Rode him around the corral, spins, stops, turn on forehand... everything he had done with a saddle. And THEN he dropped the rein and did it all with nothing on! I'll admit I doubt I'll ever try that but it was nice to see! lol
Mr Tim even threw in his vaccinations and did it right there, nice to know the new boy is good with needles. And yeah, so good that MT walked away to get the halter and shots and he stood there waiting.
Oh, and my saddle fit him nicely so I don't have to mess around with that. lol

I made arrangements with Mr Tim to pick him up if I got the all clear from Kimfer's dad (where I board) That evening I talked to Mr & Mrs F (Kimfer's parents) and got the OK to bring him home. We decided to put him in the pasture behind the barn, its basically a sacrifice area but has enough grass to tide him over for a few days while everyone gets acquainted over the fences. I texted Kimfer to see if she would have some time between her shifts at the dairy to go pick up my new horse. I called Mr Tim to let him know I'd be there around 1 or 2 to get him.
When we got there Mr Tim and one of his buddies were in the arena getting in some roping practice before the weekend. They took a break to load up my new pony. As MT is leading him to the trailer I was telling Kimfer about all of MT's demonstrations the day before. When I mentioned that the new guy is a bit small but that just makes him easier to get on bareback MT hopped right on. lol
Pretty nice, one second leading the next second on... I don't think I'll ever master that! He proceeded to do some of his demo for Kimfer and then rode right over to the open trailer door. For a second I thought he was going to ride right into the trailer. Thank goodness he didn't. He hopped off and we talked for a moment more and then we loaded the new boy. (yes he loaded and unloaded nicely)
When we put him out at home we were wondering how the other horses would react. Surprisingly Ty and Rainy (the bullies) did very little. Ty seems kinda intrigued by this miniature version of his buddy Rainy (both are solid blacks) Ty & Rainy are in the pasture to the left of the barn and have access to the waterer and barn shelter through a pen.
Applejack, Cessa, Baron & Isis are pastured on the right of the barn with access to the barn & shelter on their side and the waterer. Isis seems to have claimed the new boy for her own.

But of course we had to get some pics of the new boy on his arrival to his home! They aren't the best, his black colour looks kinda weird in these pics, he looks much blacker in real life:

Now I'm sure some of you have noticed I haven't said his name. Well... truth be told its because he is not keeping it.
I am trying to think of a new one for him, because seriously now, does this look like the face of a "Bubba" to you?!?
Maaaaybe I could see Bubba on a big ole' sorrel rope horse. But not on this little black guy! lol
So, any suggestions?


  1. Wow - that is super exciting!!!

    I think he looks pretty darn good! I really like the black - he looks nice and shiny. I'm so glad you found a horse that you feel confident on. I hope he gives you many hours/days/months etc. of riding time!!

    Hmm - names are tough. I'm probably not much help for names for black horses - the one I had as a kid was named Tar. (not my choice, but it suited her...)

    Smoky? Jet? Uh....maybe the others will have some good name ideas..

  2. Congratulations! He is a nice looking horse. Hope he is everything you want him to be and more. What an exciting time for you. Give it some time and the right name will come to you. My guys name is completely different than what I came to call him after some time together.

  3. Wow, he's good looking! I like him a lot!! Congratulations!

  4. Congrats! I think he is beautiful! I love black horses!!
    I would change his name too, Bubba just isn't workin'! I am also not good with names. But I know you will come up with a really good one!

  5. Ooh, I think he's beautiful. I kind of like the name Jet, but don't be in a hurry. The right name will come to you.


  6. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! *bouncing up and down like a mad man in my computer chair* OMG!!!!!! I am SO excited for you! He sound freaking AWESOME and I just LOVE his look too! He has some really good bone on him and such length of neck he should have some nice balance at speed work. And you got one with reining training to boot! He doesnt have a mark of white on him, does he?

    NO, he does not look like a Bubba...even though I call my DB Bubba I dont like it for this regal lookin' boy!

    Did you say how old he is?

    OK... names.... We need more info! Is he pocket pony or more the 'one woman kind of man'....' have to get to know you first' type? Serious or goofy?

    Off the top of my head (warming I like unique names) maybe you should play off the name Applejack...something like Moonshine, or Swig...or Bootleg (Boot for short (my sister has a cat named Boot because she is solid black) or go funny and call him Hootch....Cider would work too. Or play off how black he is and call him something like Whitey! lol

    CONGRATS!! Hope he is everything you were hoping for and then some!

  7. Wow! Nice lookin' boy and that colour doesn't hurt him one bit! But then we know how much I love my black horse.... Naming him will be fun, I'm thinking you should play up to his easy-going willing personality. How about Breeze?

  8. He is simply gorgeous! He needs a powerful name I think.

  9. Oh lovely! It's such a nice feeling when you click with a horse. Names... Hmmm... I don't normally name based on color. What about a name that hints at his personality. Like Zack or what was the name of the arch angel? Sorry better with girl names. lol - give yourself some time to get to know him and the right name will come along - although if he's that quiet I can see Bubba. :)

  10. OMG...He doesn't suit you at all! I'll be right up there to take him off your hands.:O

    Seriously though...he is gorgeous. Congratulations! He has a very intelligent look about him. I can't wait to hear how he works out.

    Pssstttt-If he doesn't work though...Just let me know and I'll head that way with my trailer.;)

  11. Are you still lovin' your new horse? I bet you can't take your eyes off him! I wouldn't either, I love him!
    I'll be second in line after BEC! If you change your mind, I'll come get him!
    Hey, I have something for you over at my blog!!

  12. Thanks for all the ideas and 'congrats'

    BEC - when you come pick him up you can drop off those ugly youngsters you need to get rid of. lol

  13. He is definately a "Legend" or "Cowboy"

  14. WOW - I like him!
    Congrats on the new Pony!!

    Not sure on a barn name - would have to around him or a bit to see what fits. Also, personally, I'm superstitious so I will rarely change a horses' name, unless it really revolts me or the horse is a rescue case. I think all rescues deserve new names for their new lives.

    Weird thing, the name Mouse just popped into my head. Sorry...I know that's not helpful...

  15. How about "Onyx"?

    Whatever you call him, he's lovely. Congratulations!

  16. Congratulations!! He's a handsome guy for sure...and how nice to get a well-broke horse without baggage! Look forward to hearing how he progresses for you.

  17. What a pretty boy!
    What about Johnny Cash, since he's the man in black?
    Zorro? Jet? He looks like royalty, and a real gentleman. Captain? Felix? (after the crown prince of Spain)Regis? Royal? Rhett?

  18. Congrats! He's a cutie!

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  20. Oh he is very nice!!!!!!! You must be so excited :)

    No he does not look like a Bubba. Hmmmmmm what about.....Onyx ( like the black stone )...seems very classy and he looks very classy himself.

  21. You got a super cool horse.. I would love to have that horse.. cool, too cool!

    I had friends with an awesome QH gelding.. his name was.. Easy..this horse looks like an Easy too!

  22. Ohhh! I'm so far behind over here! You bought a new horse....a gelding...a very handsome, shiny black, gorgeous gelding! Wow!

    CONGRATS!!! How exciting! I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to read/see more about him soon.

    Yep, I agree, Bubba does not suit him at all. yuk!

    He looks like an Ebony to me.

    I also think Black Jack would suit him perfectly (remember the famous black QH, the last of the US Army military horses, that went on to serve as the 'Riderless Horse'?

    What do you think about Knight (sounds like Night!)?

    Or Goliath would be fun...remember that gorgeous black horse from 'LadyHawke'?

    Remember that black horse, in National Velvet? His name was Pie!

    Good luck with the names...and congratulations again!


  23. Wholly crap! I'm gone not even a month and come back and you have a new horse! Congrats, I love him, I can't wait to see more pics, he sounds awesome!


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