Monday, June 22, 2009

heh heh

This may not seem funny if you're not a barrel racer or haven't been around many barrel racers. However if you are a b.r. I'm pretty sure this will give you a chuckle (it was heard at today's jackpot):

Did you hear they've decided to cremate barrel racers from now on?

Really, why?!

Because the ground is never good enough.


  1. All I know is, it's hard when you hit it and doesn't taste good when you eat it.

  2. OMG-That is so true!! That's funny!

  3. Cute! I am not a barrel racer, but belong to a horse club that has competitive events, including barrel racing....We had a show on Saturday, and I LOVE watchng the barrel events. I sometimes think I may be able to do it, but someone told me gaited horses are not good for barrel racing....

  4. That is so funny! gonna have to share it with the group.

  5. Ha Ha Ha! Everyone is making me laugh today! Which is a good thing! I'll have to pass this one along!

  6. LOL!!!! That is hilarious and so true. I am going to pass this along to my fellow barrel racers for a good laugh.

  7. LOL!!! Now that is a good joke! :)

    PS-Congratulations on that black beauty of yours!!!!! He is definitely a looker, and he sounds like he is a nice boy....

    Any luck with a name yet?

  8. Snork! Too funny, and will be passed on here to others who will appreciate.

    Congrats on finding a nice boy - and he sure looks, and sounds, like a nice boy. Keep us posted on the name!

  9. Not a barrle racer, but I actually get it. hehe



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