Sunday, February 21, 2010

What? Really?

Our realtor, Cousin J, took us to see a property today... and the post title pretty much sums it up.
I'm willing to look past some stuff, but wow.
The location is decent, the driveway will be gorgeous spring thru fall (tree lined and private). The house itself is pretty good. Once you look past its current condition.

I guess the owner got a divorce and bought out his wife on it. He now rents it out and his current (??) tenants, well to say they were slobs is kind. Apparently they no longer live there and he's going to have to come clean OUT and then clean the house.
We opened the door to the stench of smoke and something else, maybe just stale air? The upstairs looked semi-deserted. No real furniture but there was stuff in the kitchen cupboards... I could tell because some of the doors were missing. And a few scattered things were in the other rooms.
The living room I liked. It was a decent size, nice big picture window, working fire place. The kitchen I would totally gut and start over. As I said the doors were missing on some cupboards, which themselves were butt ugly. Also the counter top, u-g-l-y is putting it nicely.
There were 3 small bedrooms upstairs. I would probably tear down some walls and make 2 into one large master suite.
The bathroom in the current master was closet sized and the main upstairs bathroom was ugly. It had a teeny, tiny, bathtub and the tub, toilet and sink were a weird pale purple.

Downstairs. WOW. I asked J if he was sure the tenants no longer lived there. There were dirty dishes and clothes strewn everywhere! And stuff that I have a hard time picturing people leaving behind... 2 or 3 TVs, DVD players, gaming systems (ie Playstation), a couple computers (not brand new but they looked usable) and personal photos and memorabilia such as signed posters/photos, a few saddles and a pool table. And LOTS of plain old junk. But there was a second fireplace... trying to find the positives! lol
The downstairs bathroom, if cleaned, would be fairly nice... although I think the toilet was so stained it was past the point of recovery. Now I know sometimes water will stain but the other toilets and the sinks and tubs were not stained anywhere near this toilet. The bowl was streaked black and grey.
There were two small rooms being used as bedrooms, but full of junk.
The pumps and stuff for the water looked ok and the furnace is new but honestly I thought "If this is how they lived how well did they take care of maintaining ANYTHING?"
We went to check out the yard and outbuildings and when I stepped outside I noticed something that made me ask, yet again, if the tenants were gone. J assured me they were and asked why. I told him "Because there's a donkey in the corral" He said "What? There's a what?" and I said "A donkey. You know 'heehaw heehaw" He followed me out and as I got closer to the corral I turned and said "Actually there's a donkey and a horse".
The donkey mosied back out to the pasture where his horse friend was. I checked out the corral with Pie and J following. The corrals themselves were decent. All nice, solid wood. With a shelter and working water bowl. The pasture fences were barb wire. NASTY barb wire.
Now I know barb wire is NOT good horse fence, but around here it is very commonly used as such. Even so this barb wire was so bad that I looked at it and went "HELL NO". The barbs were much longer and sharper looking than any I've ever seen before and there were more barbs per length of wire. It looked like a nightmare waiting to happen.

The outbuildings, surprise surprise, were full of junk. As was the yard. I just don't get why (at least around here) when people have a farm or acreage they just let junk pile up!
But the 'nicest' (not) surprise was when I went to check out the little barn. I noticed it when I was checking out the corrals. It looked pretty decent from outside. Roof was a bit low to be safe but it would do for a tack shed if nothing else. At least I think so. All I know is that it has power in it, I saw the breaker panel inside. But I didn't really go inside because when I got to the door, which was open, I noticed a THING just inside the door.
It was strange, it looked like someone sheared a large sheep or small alpaca/llama. It was a mound of that type of hair/fur. I was about to step in beside it when I noticed chewed up bone sticking out of it.

I just turned and walked away. As I passed J I said "There's something dead in there"

EVEN with the bad first impression, Pie and I talked it over on the way home. We know the asking price is already below the appraisal. However with needing to tear out and replace the kitchen and all the barb wire fencing and to build a garage/shop... and this is the minimum of the "Must Dos" there is no way we would get that property for a price that we would feel is fair to pay. Also, as I said before, when people take care of the place like that it makes me wonder how well they took care of maintenance issues.
And then there's the clean up! To just haul the junk away we estimate would be $15,000 - $20,000. And that house needs a MAJOR DEEP cleaning. That could all be a condition of sale but if it falls through and wasn't done it would be a big PITA. Both to actually do ourselves AND to go through the legalities of getting compensated.

The sad thing is, an acquaintance of mine is selling their place which is almost perfect... and just enough out of our price range to make it undo able.


  1. Sounds like a lot of work. So if you did get it, I guess you inherit the horse and donkey?

  2. Oh wow... Just wow...

    Cant imagine people living like that...

    And a DEAD thing?? Dude! WTF!!

  3. Wow - that place sounds pretty wild... I can't believe people live like that... Well, ok, the outside property description - I've seen that down where I grew up. My cousin had no qualms about leaving dead things all over the property and letting junk pile up. Ugh.

    But the inside? That is scary... I'd be worried about mould and such (like BECG had to deal with)

  4. I don't understand the mentality of a person who is trying to sell a place and unwilling to present it well by cleaning it up. Any sign that the donkey and horse are getting looked after, or are they suffering neglect too?

  5. What the heck??! Ewwww! If the bones of the house were good, and the location, fencing, and condition good, too, I'd have stayed to look around, but the smell? No way!
    What kinds of evilness do you think are rotting within those walls, if there is a dead thing in the barn?
    If that was all my budget would afford, I think I'd just buy one of those mobile homes or an RV and buy some land and then build barns for the horses....and eventually a home as money allowed.

    That home just sounds creepy.


  6. Isn't it just phenominally amazing how people treat and leave properties? It never ceases to amaze me what people will walk off and leave.

    The fencing would have deterred me too. Our new property has barbed wire perimeter fencing, but it is new(smaller barbs)and in excellent shape. I won't even have to go around the property and remove the bottom wire, as they spaced the wires appropriate for horses.

    If we did not already have a home to live in while we rehab the new property, it isn't something that would have been feasible.

    Best of luck finding a place that fits your needs. It's always sooo difficult.

  7. And I thought our place was bad when we moved in! Sheesh! 2' of straw and goat poo doesn't even begin to compare!

    At least our place looked ok when we saw it. In the six weeks between our signing the papers and the tenants moving out, it was seriously thrashed. I would not want you to have to go through that! This place is costing us enough that repairs and replacement have to happen slowly.

  8. Wow. House/property hunting can be the pits. When my husband and I were searching, there were a few properties we didn't even go inside of. We made it to the front door, took a look around, and went straight back to our cars! Its very frustrating when a home that has great structure and potential is ruined by vandalism or crap left behind by previous owners. Hopefully you'll have nicer places to view in the future!


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