Friday, February 5, 2010

A thought on the WW video

I'm glad you all enjoyed that Wordless Wednesday video (see post below)
I saw it on a friend's FB wall and thought I should share it with all y'all.
One of the comments on FB kinda ticked me off. A guy said something along the lines of 'well that's no big deal. TB and his horse have made that run thousands of times. Of course they should be able to do it bridleless.'
Now my opinion is that is BS. Texaco is an awesome rope horse. He knows his job and does it well. But how many ropers do you see that you think could have their horse stand that calm and cool in the box yet still rip out there and do the job? It seems that *most* horses are pretty darn eager in that box and the ones that are calm lack a little 'zing' in gettin' out and running. Not Texaco in that video though.
A performance horse that acts up a bit before it goes in isn't always bad. Sometimes its just nerves and adrenaline because those horses know what's coming up. Most of them love to work. That doesn't mean that most of them would be able to do it bridleless though!


  1. Well, I am impressed! I don't know about that person's FB comment -- I am not a roper or reiner or dressage rider, but I do know one thing: Horses are thinking beings...if you are bridleless, no matter how used to each other you are, there is always the unexpected tht could happen.

  2. I totally agreee! Most of the roping horses get so anxious in the box a rope around the neck would never keep them behind the barrier! I so enjoyed it I put a link to your blog post on my blog!
    Pretty darn cool (love the music too)

  3. I agree, theres very few rope/rodeo horses that could make it in the box that quietly. Im always impressed when they can do that, kinda like barrel racers that walk to the gate, its pretty impressive for a high adrenaline sport.

  4. aw heck, it is no big deal.

    wait - yes it is. I can't do that with any of my horses who AREN'T competing in anything!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  5. Totally agree! I think people who don't ride horses have no idea what is involved and don't really appreciate that you're dealing with a LIVING, SENTIENT BEING with a will of its own. Not a car that will drive straight hands-free as long as it's aligned properly.


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