Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gotta get some butts in gear

Specifically Applejack's, Voodoo's... and my own. lol
Conditioning seems to be a common theme lately. I've noticed a few bloggers doing posts or leaving comments on the subject. Of course it is that time of year, winter is winding down and in some places its already spring-like.
A lot of people give there horses some downtime in the winter. Whether because of weather, time, lack of light, etc. Then spring nears and we all realize that our ponies are a bit "fluffier" than the last time we expected them to do much.
My own horses are no exception. I've used both the boys this winter, but VERY lightly. Not enough to say that they are in shape. With barrel racing season approaching and more cattle events and trail riding ahead it is high time they were put to some actual work to melt off a bit of that winter weight.
Then tonight I received a phone call which made me very excited, but also gave me a deadline to get those ponies in shape... somebody dropped out of a clinic that I was on the wait list for!! And its over the May long weekend, so I have 3 months, more or less, to get the boys ready. AND I need to be in shape to do some serious riding too! lol
I had been forewarned that IF I was able to get into the clinic my horse better be ready to w-o-r-k. Plans are to take Voodoo but I want to have Applejack in shape too... just in case.
I have heard a lot of good things about these clinics. Dave Manning will be our instructor and he comes this way every other year. Ace & Holly and Brenda, people that I have quite a bit of respect for as horsepeople, all have nothing but high praise for DM.
DM has quite a list of accomplishments including 6 time Canadian Working Cow Horse Champion and has been runner up in the World. He is also known as "Mr Snaffle Bit". Ace, Holly and Brenda all hold him in high regard and say that he can read a horse better than anyone they know.
I am SO excited and happy that a spot opened up in this clinic, but also a bit intimidated!


  1. That's exciting and gives you a specific goal to work towards. Very cool.

  2. You. Are. Going. To. Have. A. BLAST!!

    This is excellent CDN!! SO exciting!!!

    Whats your plan look like so far to get those handsome ponies shaped up? ;)

  3. sounds like a great opportunity! Have fun with it!

  4. Very exciting! What a wonderful opportunity.

  5. You will like Dave Manning. I had the opportunity of visiting him at his home when I lived at Cadogan for 6 months; I have videos of him working horses. He's a real good hand.

  6. w00t! Sounds fun!

  7. Great news for you! I am sure you will rise to the I have said before, you are my hero with the barrel racing, etc. We have not been able to ride for the last month due to "conditions on the ground." It is time to get back in shape...both us and the mares!
    By the way, Canada is doing a great job with the Olympics!!! you guys are great neighbors!!!

  8. I'm hoping that one of the gals that I'm interiewing on Monday is going to be "the one"...I am so ready to get back to my horses.

    Moon is soft, but not overly heavy. He actually looks about as good as he ever has.

    Frosty is both very overweight and soft. Jiggly soft.

    I'm pretty sure the ones I will be bringing back from SD are overweight.

    There is going to be lots of saddle time to get everyone in shape.

  9. Oh wow!! That is just awesome news! Put the pressure on for sure, but it's good pressure! I love having goals, too. And horse realted goals are even better.

    I'd love to hear what exercise/fitness plan you have for your horses.

    Maybe you could start a new fitness blog:

    "Cowgirls Love Big Butts!"
    (on horses that is! lol!)



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