Saturday, February 13, 2010

Someone needs to learn patience

Friday the weather was finally nice enough to hook up the trailer, AND I had time, so I hauled Voodoo and Applejack to an indoor arena about 10 minutes from where I board.
Hansons has potential to be a really nice place. She doesn't have a lot of boarders right now, but that's nice too because she has the arena available for haul-ins like me. For $20/rider you have use of the arena for up to 2 hours and can bring up to 2 horses.
The arena has windows, and it was bright enough that I didn't have to turn the lights on. Its also heated but I didn't turn the heat on. I rode in a hoody and was warm enough. I know that lights and heat get expensive to I don't turn them on unless I need them.
There is also a holding area in the arena. It is separated by a half wall so I tied the boys there while I signed in and put my money in the drop box. There were two ladies there at the time, an equine therapist and the owner with two horses having work done. They seemed nice and a little later I was grateful they were there.
I decided to ride Applejack first because he tends to work up a sweat quicker than Voodoo. And this is where the patience part comes in... Voodoo needs it.
The whole time I was riding Applejack Voodoo was misbehaving. First it was pawing. And pawing and pawing. That got boring so he decided to stretch. Which I have to admit was kinda funny.
He would stretch and lower himself until his head dipped lower than the arena wall. Then he would stand back up and peek at Applejack & I. He did that a few times. Then pawed a time or two for good measure.
Obviously that wasn't doing the job, he needed to get more creative. So he started rearing. He must've seen a dressage video somewhere because the next thing you know he's doing a pesade. Which is kind of like the levade but has a larger degree of angle.
His next trick was to try his version of the capriole. He would stand and paw then stop, look around and kick out with both back feet. He went back and forth through his new routine for a bit. Paw, stretch, rear, kick. Repeat in a new order.
At that point a lightbulb seemed to go off. I swear he looked so mischievous... he started to buck in place. He never strayed from where he was, never even put tension in the lead. He would just buck.
I start to cool Applejack down and Voodoo is going through his circus routine.
The ladies I mentioned earlier where getting ready to go when they asked if I was going to ride the black horse. I told them I was planning on it. They said they would be around for a bit because they had to water horses so they would come and check on me. I have to say I was glad. I was a bit nervous to get on my freakshow horse! lol
I tied Applejack up and loosened his saddle. When I took Voodoo's halter off and raised his bridle he practically put it on himself! He dove his face through with his mouth open looking for the bit. I tightened his saddle and got on.
What do you know... he was perfect! That little stinker was having a temper tantrum because he was impatient. Our ride was good, nothing went even a teeny bit wrong. When the ladies came to check on me they were shocked... and of course Voodoo has new fans! lol
Oh, and I have a new training goal... he needs to learn patience!


  1. LOL I see a patience tree in Voodoo's future! ;) Silly pony!

  2. Mrs. Mom, great minds think alike. I was going to say he needs a patience post. Works wonders.

  3. LOL I have one like that also, but she's a mule. She does ALL that plus tries to untie herself. My mule hates to wait, but she's a good ride once it's her turn.

  4. funny boy! Beamer does that kicking in place routine once in a while, usually if he's tied up and the mares are galloping around He sooooo wants to be with them!

  5. Haha, I third Mrs. Mom and Leah Fry. A patience pole is definitely in order. Those suckers work wonders. Glad he was a great ride for you!

  6. Glad to hear he was fine once you got on! That would have been a winning video for that awful TV show though.

  7. What an awesome horse for you, though. He actually wants to be ridden and work for you. And he doesn't pull that circus horse baloney when you're in the saddle. Yay Voodoo!

    A little patience...and you'll perfect!


  8. That's so funny. Next time you need to take some video to share with us!


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