Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Stills - Sports

When Ed first gave us "Sports" as a theme for this week's Sunday Stills I was thinking "Great!" You see I was planning on going to some of the local rinks and getting some hockey and figure skating photos, maybe some curling.
Then Mother Nature intervened. We had a major storm come through this way and honestly my first thought was "Yaaay we finally have snow!!!" (there hasn't been much this winter, at least not here) Then I realized I wouldn't be able to go get any photos. There is not much going on in Saskatoon today... even a lot of churches cancelled services!
So once again I dug through my archives, and seeing as I wasn't prepared for a sports challenge I have no baseball, soccer, football, basketball, etc. BUT I have loads of horses and despite what some people may think riding IS a sport!! So here you go, Sunday Stills - Sports 'cowgirl' style:

I took these two when Julie, Kimfer and I rode down to the river from Julie's farm. It was HOT and we took full advantage of the water (please keep in mind that I shot these from the back of my horse while riding):

** please note this is not the same 2nd pic I originally posted. Thanks to Shirley's help I was able to remove it but it insists on loading sideways so I've replaced it with this (similar) pic. The first pic had the horses just running into the frame on the right and the background was nicer. Also the angle was slightly different and you could see both horses seperately and clearly. This photo still shows the fun we had racing along the edge of the beach :)

My two hard-working boys resting on the lunch break during Team Sorting*

Barrel racing indoors last winter (at Sandhills Stables) Due to the lighting, the speed, the dust and the moisture taking photos was tricky. Pretty much none of them turned out but I like the way the background is mostly in focus and the horse and rider are just a blur streaking by.

Ace & Brenda working together during a run at Team Sorting.

Ace during a run at Team Sorting.

* Team Sorting - two riders have to sort numbered cattle from one pen into another in the proper order (chosen at random). If a cow goes into the pen in the wrong order, or goes back into the starting pen once its been sorted, you are disqualified. Oh, and there's a time limit and extra cows that have no numbers and must remain in the start pen at all times!

**All photos are straight out of camera and were taken with my little Nikon S210 (pocket sized, its perfect for taking photos while riding!)


  1. Ah, summer riding! Won't be long now.....
    The photo that loaded sideways- go into edit posts, highlight the photo and hit delete, then reload the corrected picture. If it won't go, you'll have to hit the edit html tab and highlight the html for the photo, then delete. I usually insert markers, like a row of question marks or something recognizable, above and below what I want to delete so that I can find the proper text to delete. Then hit the compose button again, and the photo should be gone. (Remember to delete the markers too!)

  2. Thanks Shirley! I'm not great with HTML and the markers idea helped immensely :)
    Got the photo out but it still insists on loading sideways so I replaced it.

  3. I would give anything to ride by that river. Great shots.

  4. Oooh! Riding in a river or the ocean is another thing I have on my bucket list. Lucky you!
    I like your action shots. They turned out great. But my faveis your guys resting by the trailer. I love how horses can turn off like that when they know they need to conserve their energy after working hard. :)

    You did good!

  5. Great shots. Glad to see you didn't let a little snow keep you from SS. :)

  6. I like the blur of the horse and rider. I don't think I ever move that fast on my horses. Not yet, anyway.

  7. Horse sports are the best! Your ride on the river reminds me of a place we ride at here in Nebraska. Its the closest we can get to riding on "the beach".

  8. Love the riding on the beach picture's!! That looks like so much fun! I haven't done that since I was in my teens, which was a loooooong time ago. I want to do that again someday soon!!!

  9. @Tammy - I've always wanted to ride on a beach, but usually that thought went with "ocean" lol When Kimfer & I realized that Julie's place is less than an hours ride to the river, and a great section of the river at that, we were pretty excited!

    @Leah - I LOVE that you say "Not yet anyway" :) My appy tends to be like your Poco, on the lazy side... until you ask him to run that is!

  10. I really liked the blurred Barrel racing pic..:-)

  11. fun pictures! Being so close to the river like that must be awesome! Makes for some great rides during summer heat!

  12. horses are definately a sport!

  13. Very nice pictures - makes me LONG for summer.....

  14. Oh for summer again!!! Team sorting looks like great fun...but I'd really like to run my horses through the water!


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