Monday, January 4, 2010

Cessa's Owie Update

There have been some questions about Cessa, her owie and how she's doing. You'll be please to know that she's well on the mend. Here she is in the barn waiting for it to be cleaned up.
I kill two birds with one stone and let her eat her yummies* while I tend her wound. She'll stand there the whole time, even after she's done that bucket. She's always been a pretty good little patient.
Of course the peanut gallery has to observe. This door is right behind Cessa and leads to her and the boys corral and shelter. I leave the top of the door open so I get some extra light. Silly Applejack kept nosing the top of the door closed. I guess he was feeling neglected? Voodoo just kept poking his head in searching for a stray carrot or cookie. (I know they both look little total dorks in this pic, there were other pics where they looked cuter but this one shows their true personalities that day lol)
The day I took Cessa to the vet her leg was a little stocked up but other than that she has shown no signs of ill effect. Here is where we are in the healing process. The colour looks good and it is about half the size it originally was. I'm cleaning it every 2 - 3 days. This pic was taken just after cleaning it but before putting on the wound spray. Nasty blue stuff that stains everything! It has a bit of antibiotic in it. Of course the bottle the vet gave me is broken and it leaks everywhere! lol
THE go-to essential for cleaning wounds in sub-freezing temps - a pump sprayer is a gal's best friend! I fill it up with warmish water and pump and spray, pump and spray until the bottle is half empty. Then I dump in some Betadine, give it a shake and pump and spray, pump and spray until its gone. Grab a clean towel to dry off the wet spots (surprisingly few) and spray on the wound spray. Refasten her blanket and we're done!
*Cessa's yummies for anyone interested include soaked beet pulp (about 2 cups dry), 1 1/2 - 2 cups senior feed, 1 cup rolled oats, a hoof supplement, a joint supplement and about a cup of oil.


  1. I am glad to hear she is on the mend. It is nasty that blue medicine. Growing up where I did we used a medicine similar called purple violet. It to stained everyhting. But worked really well.

  2. Have you tried DermaGel? It works incredibly well and speeds healing. I've used it on my cattle, horses and dogs. You can buy mini tubes - added bonus - don't need to worry about freezing.

    Good luck with the healing!

  3. Love the blog design. Glad Cessa's doing better, I've used that purple stuff before and it's a real pain, but it works!

  4. Oh WOW! That is looking much better!Glad she is on the mend!

  5. Good for Cessa. Doctoring in the wintertime is the biggest pain. Good thing she is good for you.

    Shooter bounced off the fence a couple of days ago. It's that horse fence, so no damage except a bit of a swollen knee. I put him back in his stall to mend and he is being a real jerk about it. All I need to do is put some External rub on it and that would only take a couple of minutes, but noooo...the big baby has to lift his leg in the air, uses his head to try to knock me over and bites me. Ugghhh...he is such a pill.

  6. Good news. Very cute that she eats her treats and stands there so well for treatment! :) My Boy's treat/grain bucket is just like hers!!

  7. I second the DermaGel, it works great and is easy to use with no blue mess!Ask your vet about it. Nice mare with a sweet temperament.

  8. What a good girl Cessa is! Lucky for you, right??? LOL!!!
    Of course I missed out on what happened to her, but from the looks of it, it was nasty. Glad to hear she is on the mend. :)

  9. What a difference in the before and after pics! that must have been some kick :-/ I'm glad it's healed so well. That is a VERY cute pic of the 3 in the last post too, if the middle one Cessa?


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