Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I no longer need to be envious of the snow a lot of you have gotten... Old Man Winter finally remembered Saskatchewan when he was distributing snow. Unfortunately he gave us about a month's worth over the weekend. I won't complain though, at least not too much, as we dearly needed the snow. There wasn't much to go around so far this winter, in plenty of places there was grass showing through. Then with the unseasonably warm weather we've had the last couple weeks the little bit there was had mostly melted away.
Saturday afternoon Pie shovelled for about 2 hours at our place (we have a corner lot and its fairly large) When he went to shovel the back yard we let the dogs out and they were soooo excited. The goofballs were bouncing around like puppies! I got dressed in some snow gear and went out to play with them.

As I mentioned it snowed almost the entire weekend. So even though Pie shovelled before we went to work it needed shovelling again later. In fact when we left for work, about 2 1/2 hours after he had shovelled, the only reason you could tell he had shovelled was that the neighbour hadn't so his snow was higher than ours. When we got home for work we shovelled together for another hour. That snow was wetter, hence heavier, than we're used to around here. Shovelling was a workout!!
Sunday Pie was at work all day so Monday he got out the snow blower and cleared our yard, again. Then he went to clear the snow at his mom & dad's house (also a corner lot) My poor honey was out fighting with snow blowers and the snow drifts for about 4 hours. Now if only the city would show that kind of dedication in clearing our roads!! (I'm very grateful for my little all wheel drive!)
I had to try to get a picture of the 'snow sculptures' hanging from the eaves on our garage. I thought it was kinda neat they way they hung over the edge and swirled:

According to Environment Canada we got almost a foot of snow this weekend. In some areas its drifted as high as 8 feet.
Here's what our house looked like after the final snow blowing Monday:

That fence below is about 6 feet tall with a foot or two of lattice on the top... that's a pretty big snow pile people!


  1. yeahoo! we got some too last night! well, only 1 1/2 inches and much of that has turned to mud today, but I'm not complaining!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  2. That's a lot of snow to get all at once. Bet Pie has some sore muscles!

  3. Boy...you got a bunch didn't ya?!? Love the pics of your pups...they're havin' a blast! Stay warm 'n dry~~

  4. Well, I love snow, but unless it's at a ski area, that's too much for me!

  5. That is a lot of snow! Can you send some my way?? I really want it to snow...and we're running out of time! :)
    It's very pretty. Glad the pups had fun playing in it.

  6. Wow! Lots of pretty white stuff! I love snow, but only for a few days! We have only had a couple inches this year. And if it happens to snow again, I won't see it, since I'll be gone almost all of Feb.
    Cute puppy pictures! I love how dogs get all excited in the snow!

  7. It just started snowing like crazy here! Whaaatttt?

    I gotta haul butt and put Beretta and Shooter in. Poor kids. Got to enjoy a couple of days out and about anyway.

    We are s.t.i.l.l. white from the big snow we got in the first part of December. Very rare in these parts.

    But we are on the downhill slide right? Glad you get to enjoy some snow up your way.

    It is necessary isn't it? People just don't realize how important it is to get the "usual" amount for a certain area. It's good for the ground too. Or so the farmers say.;)

  8. Hoooray! Congrats on your snowfall. I love snow, too. Your dogs were enjoying playing in it. So cute!
    Dobbie enjoys playing in the snow, too, but not when it's deeper than she is tall. lol!
    You got a lot of the white stuff. We're hunkering down here for a big winter storm where they warn that we may get up to 11" of snow. I'm excited because we need the moisture as we didn't get our monsoon rains this past summer. But the ground is already saturated from our last few snowfalls, and I worry about the mud. I can live without the mud. lol!

    Enjoy your pretty snow!


  9. I miss snow... Now that I've said that, I hope we don't get any more for the rest of this winter!

    Enjoy it for me, k?


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