Monday, February 23, 2009

A bit more from the clinic

When it comes to barrel racing the majority of the successful horses are Quarter Horses. That doesn't mean they are the only successful horses. Other breeds can, and have, done very well in the sport.
As good barrel horses have become fairly pricey animals one option is to buy a young horse and train it your way. I think I had already mentioned that KB (our clinician from last weekend) is very much in favour of this. As she points out most of us are on a budget, for some this is the only way to end up with a horse that is worth tens of thousands of dollars (or more). Not only does this save money but also sometimes it saves frustration. She pointed out that not one person rides exactly the same as another. And in barrel racing those 100ths of a second make a huge difference. For some highly skilled and competitive horses those small changes are enough to take it from being #1 to being just out of the money.
Another thing she advocates is looking for a good deal. A lot of the horses she buys are grade. Horses that others may have looked past (or not even looked at) because they don't have fancy papers. Basically what it comes down to is that, as long as you're not racing in a breed association, what you need is a horse built to do the job with the heart and mind to do the job.

One other little thing that happened at the clinic... I had a serious offer on Applejack. Money was never discussed because each time the subject of selling him was brought up I just said "No. He's not for sale."
Someone wanting your horse is almost always a compliment. This was especially so because the woman wanting to buy him is an Equine Canada certified Level 3 Western Coach. She said she really liked him, liked his personality, liked his try and thought she could have a lot of fun with him and could use him in her lesson program.
I just said that he is actually my husband's horse and that Pie is the kind of guy to give him a forever home. She just kept saying, "Well when you decide to sell him give me first crack."
I guess being told "no" 4 or 5 times just doesn't get through to some people. Besides which there are already people 'in line' ahead of her for 'first crack'.
Speaking of which... Mr Tim (who we bought Applejack from) was in the restaurant the other day. I told him that I'm looking for a horse in the spring, told him what I want and he said he'd keep an eye out! I've known Mr Tim for quite a few years now and I barrel race with his wife. I'm very comfortable with him looking for a horse (it is his business as well).


  1. My trainer always says that every horse owner is a trainer.

  2. The trainer/clincian sounds like she has a good approach to things...

    Interesting that you got an offer on Applejack - good to know that if you had to sell for some reason you would have a good chance.

    You'll have to give us a rundown on what you are shopping for in the new horse - yearling? two-year old? older and trained??? Do tell! (if you want to, that is...)

  3. Good thoughts to share at the clinic. I have been to many myself none have taken to the time to address to the group how to go about choosing a new horse for the event. Glad to hear it was a subject that was discussed.

    I know - you always get offers on the horses you Don't Want to sell....

  4. I'm sure you'd have many offers on your Applejack. Just look at him, he's adorable!!! I would have told her - Just get in line sister!!, and walked away with a smile on my face. Glad you had a good time at the clinic.

  5. Isn't it irritating when people just don't take "No" for an answer? I had that happen with the Arab I owned in the past, except it was boarders who asked every day, a couple times a day for weeks and then spread it around that I WAS selling him dirt cheap. It just bugged me!

    I did sell him later, much later for different reasons and to no one at that barn.

  6. Ok. I know that horses are a little different than dogs or cats, but you'll rarely have someone bugging you to buy your dog or cat....breed their dog or cat to them maybe, but not buy them.

    So why are horse different? They are treated more like cars or boats. Weird!

    It is good to know that your horse is special enough to get the interest of others, though. Especially in these trying times with the horse market.

    I'd trust Mr Tim with finding you another horse. Look what he found for you in AppleJack.

    I prefer QH for barrel racing, and other Western horse sports, too.
    I've been to the Arabian shows, and while they do a great job out there and can hold their own, there is something more 'authentic' about a QH in those types of sports.


  7. I like the sounds of your clinician. I've always found that I can sell my barrel horses the easiest when they just start loping the pattern. Their foundation is solid and their pattern is right, but the new owner can finish them out the way they like. I've bought a lot of grade horses and started them on the barrels. They learn the same as a papered horse.:)

    It is nice when someone thinks enough of your horse to ask if they are for sale, but if you say no, that ought to be the end of it. I can understand you not wanting to sell, not only because he is Pie's horse, but because he works for you and until you have another horse, it's kinda like shooting yourself in the foot.
    I've sold good horses before and left myself having to spend another year getting one ready to go again...several times. This time, when I was offered a stupid amount for Moon, I said No Way!! I finally have the horse I want to take all the way and he is NOT for sale. And then I prayed for two weeks something wouldn't happen to him.

  8. I'm still catching up everywhere!

    I like the sound of KB (except those initials! KB always makes me think kill buyer-eek) and how she views horses and their worth and don't have to be a fancy something. I completely agree!

    Offers on your horse are always a compliment, we used to get offers all the time for my mare, Moose... hmm I've never gotten an offer on Lester, lol. But I love the fact that AppleManJack has a forever home with you guys, he's really earning it!

  9. You know you're doing something right when you have people who want to own your horse. What are you looking for in a new horse? Would Sassy fit the bill?


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