Thursday, July 2, 2009

The name game

I've been trying to think of a name for the new guy... there have been a few contenders. It wasn't really a big deal except we'd been to two jackpots and a sorting. Of course everyone was asking about the new guy.

what do you mean 'hey buddy' isn't my name?!

There were names I liked that sounded too girly. Names I liked that didn't fit my horse life (for example some sounded too 'Englishy' for a little barrel/cow/trail horse).

hmmm... let's see if I can think of something

Then yesterday, at the Canada Day jackpot/fundraiser, I did it. I gave him a name!

I have a name now? What is it!?

To be honest its one that I had scribbled down on a scrap quite awhile ago. One of those 'maybe one day I'll own a horse I could name...' things. (I have quite a list actually) So when I entered I said "I have both horses here today, Raincloud and the new guy, Voodoo."

I'm hoping that he and I can work some magic to regain my confidence!


  1. Very nice! He's such a cutie!

  2. Voodoo, huh? I'd have never guessed he'd end up with that name. lol!
    I'm just glad the handsome boy finally does have a name.

    Now go work your magic. Just no sharp pins being poked into the opponent's horse and rider dolls.



  3. VooDoo! So cute! I would never have guessed!
    He is a pretty boy! The more I see him, the more I like him! :0

  4. I like it - sounds fast, with a bit of mystique... Also reminds me of a fighter pilot code name - maybe from Top Gun???

  5. I like that name.Sounds like a perfect horse name.He's a very pretty horse,or should I say handsome?:0)Sherri

  6. OOOOOHHHH!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Hope he works his magic!!!

  7. Awesome! VooDoo suits the little black horse. It sounds like he is working his magic on you already.:)

  8. Oh I love that name!! I think it's perfect!! Fits the black running barrel horse!! He is one chunk of a horse!! Good looking guy!!

  9. He's beautiful, love a black horse! I used to have a gorgeous black mare that I still miss to this day. :( Voodoo fits him nicely!

  10. Ok, just starting to get caught up on blogs and just NOW noticed you had a new horse. I kept seeing the name Voodoo in newer posts. I LOVE the name. He's gorgeous too!! I'm glad that Pie is now home and hopefully there isn't any risidual issues with the absesses. That would, I imagine, be very painful. So congrats on Voodoo and glad to hear your hubby is doing better :)


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