Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've been tagged by Laura and Paint Girl to play the Honest Scrap game. And to be honest I've been a bit delinquent in getting this post up (but as you all know I've had good reason!) So here you go... 10 things you don't know about me!
1) I do not have a green thumb, but I do have several flower beds. This year they are a bit on the neglected side. The flowers in this post are all from my gardens.
2) I used to be a very negative person. I still have my moments where it seems easier to dwell on the dark stuff but I try to nip that in the bud. Life is too short to exhaust yourself by always being a Negative Nancy.
3) I always think of Cessa as my first horse but to be absolutely technical that is not correct. My first equine (technically pony height) would be Moon (and I do plan on 'introducing' everyone to him sometime in the future.
4) I really want to try to learn to ride English, but I'm kinda scared!

5) I watch entirely too much TV! I'm very glad I have a DVR, then I can pick and choose what to watch when and skip through commercials and such. It helps that I have my weird schedule and mostly watch TV late at night when I wouldn't be out being productive anyway.
6) That said I also read quite a bit, although not as much as I used to or I'd like to. I read a lot of different stuff, it really depends on my mood. Its not unusual for me to have a couple different books going at once.

7) I'm a packrat. I have a VERY hard time getting rid of stuff. I'm always worried that it'll be gone and THEN I'll need it! lol I also get 'attached' to things and have a hard time parting with them.
8) I have NEVER tried any kind of illegal drug. The worst I've done in that way was drink underage.

9) I don't tan. I burn and then peel and turn white again. My "tan" still looks super pale next to most people.
10) I'm running out of ideas so I'll share something very personal here... something I'm also very self conscious about. I'm one of those unfortunate women that tend to have a bit more hair on their arms than is 'ladylike'. I've always been very bothered by it. Its not like 'Robin Williams ape man' hairy but being that I have very dark hair (and usually pale skin) it is noticeable. As a teen I was teased alot and insisted on wearing long sleeves most of the time. Now, although still self conscious, I am much more of the 'screw you if you don't like me because of something so stupid!' attitude.
Now I'm supposed to pass this along however it has been making the rounds for awhile and I'm not too sure who has and hasn't done it. Also some people really don't like to do these. However IF you decide to play along leave me a comment so I can come over and check out your "10 Things"! :)
PS - Don't forget you have until midnight Wednesday to enter the give away!! (see details in post below)

*the "Honest Scrap" image is not mine*


  1. I recently started following your blog, you have beautiful horses! I too am stuck in the city, we're currently trying to sell so that we can buy our own piece of country and finally get another horse!

  2. I love your new header!!
    Don't worry about being delinquent, you had a very good reason, making sure Pie got better and getting him home!
    I am the same with tv! I love watching tv, and also watch too much, mostly at night like you! I also could not live without my DVR!
    Thanks for sharing your top 10, it was great to get to know more about you!

  3. I like reading the 10 things on the blogs...interesting how I find I have something in common with almost everyone. Glad that Pie is doing better......

  4. I enjoyed reading your Honest Scrap. I don't like to do them anymore because they are too challenging for me to come up with anything that I think might be interesting about me. I think I'm rather boring, and I don't like to talk about myself anyway.

    Like you I am in the middle of a lot of reading material, but I tend to never finish any of them. lol! I haven't found a book yet this year that grabs me and makes me stay there until I'm done. Any book title suggestions for me?

    Your flowers are beautiful. I'm not a green thumb either. I wish I was, but my attention span is too short and I forget to water and weed and care for plants. They have to be tough and fend for themselves a lot or they can't live here. Fancy, prissy flowers are definetly out. lol!



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